Get your date ready and look your best for Valentine’s Day with these skincare tips

Get Date Ready With These Skin Care Tips To Look Your Best On Valentine’s Day

Get your date ready and look your best for Valentine’s Day with these skincare tips


Wondering how to make your Valentine’s Day look extra special and stunning? How to pamper your skin with a proven Ayurvedic skincare routine for a natural glow on your date?READ ALSO – 5 Luxury Accommodations In North India You Can Bring Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

Here are some of the best natural skincare tips you can follow in your daily Ayurvedic skincare routine to infuse yourself with more love this Valentine’s Day. ALSO READ – 3 of the biggest dating deal breakers for single Indians before Valentine’s Day

This is a technique that takes 1-2 minutes to dry your skin before showering. Make sure to use a soft-bristled body brush. This practice not only stimulates your lymphatic system for detoxification, but also promotes blood circulation. Remember that you should dry your skin before doing self abhyanga.Use a soft brush or vetiver root for scrubbing too

  • Warm oil massage before bath

Self abhyanga is a famous Ayurvedic ritual that uses the essence of herbal oils to naturally nourish and hydrate your skin. During this process, you need to apply warm Ayurvedic oil to your skin and massage gently for a few minutes. Then, you should wait 30-45 minutes for your skin to absorb the oil before going to the shower.

If you don’t know which Ayurvedic body oil to use for your skin type, then you can rely on cold-pressed sesame oil for your own abhyanga.

Abhyanga Oil: An almond and olive oil base with a few drops of vetiver and sandalwood oils to rejuvenate you from the heat and leave a pleasant aroma on the body.

  • Use Herbal Exfoliating Cleanser

Ayurveda emphasizes the use of ubtan powder to gently exfoliate. Not only do these natural herbal scrubs remove dead skin, dirt, and other pollutants that build up on your skin, they also gently cleanse your skin without stripping your skin’s natural oils.

Try this Ubtan for Summer: Add powders of rose petals, lemon peel, vetiver, and Sariva to Besan powder, mix all powders and apply on oiled body to remove excess oil and balance body

  • Treat your skin with essential oils

Add a few drops of essential oil to a bucket of water and use it in your bath. Essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, sandalwood, or sweet basil not only brighten your complexion, but also keep you in the mood for your Valentine’s Day date.

Drinking enough water, i.e. at least 2-3 liters throughout the day, is very important for your skin to look healthy, hydrated and radiant. It is best to drink a glass of antioxidant-rich juice (watermelon or muskmelon or sugar cane juice) in the morning. Also, avoid caffeinated beverages, alcohol, or cold water to keep your skin healthy.

Incorporating plenty of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables into your daily diet can do wonders for your skin. Broccoli, cucumbers, leafy greens like spinach, cilantro, kale, seeds, nuts, apples, watermelon, etc. are some of the nutrient-dense foods you can eat every day to keep your skin barrier healthy from the inside. Also, cut back on sugar, junk, salty and spicy foods, fried and other processed foods.

When you sleep, your skin rejuvenates by repairing and replacing damaged cells. So, having 7-8 hours of good and undisturbed sleep can bring a spark of natural beauty to your face the next morning. Avoid using your cell phone before bed and after waking up to avoid stress on your eyes. After all, you want to have an energetic and happening date with your special someone.

Put a few drops of lavender essential oil or sandalwood essential oil on dried leaves and place in a corner for a good night’s sleep

(Courtesy of Dr. Sridevi Gaddam, a qualified Ayurvedic physician and chief formulator at Vedix – India’s first bespoke Ayurvedic beauty brand. She has over 20 years of expertise.)

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