Georgia Sheriff’s Office Offers ‘Valentine’s Day Package’ for Exes You Know Wanted

Georgia Sheriff's Office Offers 'Valentine's Day Package' for Exes You Know Wanted

Georgia Sheriff’s Office Offers ‘Valentine’s Day Package’ for Exes You Know Wanted


Candler County, Georgia (WTOC) — If you’re wondering how to get a now-at-the-run ex-flame, a sheriff might just have a gift for that “wanted” person on your list.

Lots of places will run out of reservations for Valentine’s Day. But the Candler County Sheriff’s Office says there’s plenty of room in their Valentine’s Package for someone you might know.

If your ex is wanted by the law, they will invite you to send them any information that can help a representative find and arrest them.

“We’re starting to get tips! I found them on Messenger and we called at the office,” Candler County Sheriff John Myers said.

They have a backlog of warrants of about 200 people due to the pandemic and other reasons.

“They didn’t have a court warrant to appear, an arrest warrant for a crime, a probation order for their failure to fulfill their probation obligations,” Captain Justin Wells said.

Captain Wells got the idea for Valentine’s Day from a North Carolina sheriff’s office. The “package” begins with a pair of shiny bracelets and a car with a driver to town. From there, you’ll get captivating photos, at least one night at these accommodations, and a meal with them. The sheriff says everything is fair in love – and finds the bad guy.

“When I talk to someone, I understand that their motive may be that they were ex-friends or lovers … that doesn’t matter to me,” Sergeant Wells said.

If you have information that someone you know is wanted, you can DM them on the sheriff’s Facebook page or call the prison directly.

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