Friendship Day 2021: A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

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Friendship Day 2019: A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Friendship Day 2021: A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

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We all have heard about the famous proverb- “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” But, probably we are not using this piece of wisdom very often and we are so busy in our lives that helping others have become an alien concept. This year, in 2021, friendship day is on 4th August and we all now have a reason to help our friends in need and make them happier.

Your friend might be in stress, monetary constraint, he/she might be an addict or might have been through a break-up. He/she can also be in depression. In order to help your friend, you need to look into the depth of the pain they are in. You got to understand their situation, put yourself there and think what you would have felt in his/her situation and start thinking of a solution. Friendship is a temple of connection between two individuals, where you and your friend are the ones connected.

Friendship needs trust and belief in each other and mostly, the readiness to help each other in the time of need. So if you think your friend is in need of you, then start helping him/her out of the situation he/she is in.

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When Your Friends Need You

There are several signs that showcase that your friend is in dire need of you. Certain signs that make you realise that your friend needs you are abrupt changes in his/her behaviour, his/her routine calls to you are no more there, you are emotionally connected with them and when they are disturbed you kind of feel that notion.

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You also get to know your friend is in need of you when you see the charming and glorifying face of theirs changing to become pale or dull. These are the simplest signs that make you realise your friend is in need of you and it is the time for you to help them out.

Help Your Friend At All Times

Mostly, people find problems in this situation. They get to know their friend is in need but they are not sure how they can contribute to helping their friend out of the situation he/she is in. Well, this article will help you out in finding the way to approach your friend with helping hands.

When you know your friend needs your help and is going through a difficult time, you always feel the urge to help them out. You normally don’t get to understand how to help even though you are a very close friend. It has happened with every one of us. So, do not worry. There are very good ways in which you can offer your help and it is very necessary for them at any point in time. Even if they don’t speak they will definitely know the help you are providing.

This is how you can help your friends and making the bonding even stronger-

1. Offer Your Support Always

Be particular in the help you are planning on giving your friend. If you are the person asking them if there is any help that you can offer them, then you are making a blunder. Your friend is already in stress and your proposal of helping will put him under the stress more than it would relieve him. He/she won’t know what kind of help will you be capable of and that would make him/her not ask you.

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So, when you know the situation he/she is in, offer your help in particular. For example, if your friend is in need of a guitar and has no money to buy one more. Help your friend by offering the money and not by offering your hand in help. Particular offers are the ones that matter the most and come handy in a friendship.

2. Help Them to See The Whole Picture

If you are asking for helping your friend in a particular matter, you better think of the help you are offering in their time of need. Sometimes we say and offer a help without thinking. If your friend is very much in need and you want him/her to come out of that situation, you should offer your hands for help.

But when you are not sure of the situation, it is better you take a step back and think of what the situation is. Understand the situation your friend is in and then offer your hand for help. It is better that way.

You should always be sure of the help you are giving and not just offer your hand for anything that is impossible for you to do as well. This way you would harm the friendship with giving word and not keeping it. Genuine bits of help are those that are specific and are well thought of. Your help is needed by your friend and your help should always be specific and genuine in nature. Do not ever offer any help that won’t be possible on your part.

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3. Respect Personal Space

If you are one true friend you would respect your friend’s personal space. You wouldn’t coerce your helping hands when he/she is not in need of them. Be polite and friendly while offering your hands in help but do not pressure your friend. If your friend is declining your help, do not compel him/her then. When you keep persuading them for helping, they might feel worse than the situation they are in.

4. Listen To Their Problems

Sometimes when a person is facing problems, he/she wants someone who can just listen to whatever the problems they have. If you see your friend is in such a problem, make them sit and allow them to confide in you. You can make them feel better when you listen to their problems. Do not just talk to them. That won’t help your friend. You need them to confide in you and share the troubles they are facing. That is the only way you can get to know what the trouble is and what you can do to help them. All you need to do is listen.

This friendship day if your friend is having any kind of problems and is going through a rough phase, be a silver lining for them.

Happy Friendship Day to you all!


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