Fresno man surprises vendor by buying all her Valentine’s items

Fresno man surprises vendor by buying all her Valentine's items

Fresno man surprises vendor by buying all her Valentine’s items


Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) — Akram Mohsen is using social media for social good.

He connects his 3.7 million followers around the world with those in need in the Valley.

A few days before Valentine’s Day, he noticed pop-up shop owner Mariam Villa struggling at her booth.

So he stepped in and posted her booth on his social media page.

That’s when his followers gave him the idea to give her $500 and buy all her products so she could go home and spend Valentine’s Day with her family.

“We bought her and Jerry and I distributed all the flowers to anyone we could find,” he said.

Vera is a mother of three and a wife.

She has been working late for many days, hoping to sell her product so she can pay her bills.

“I was surprised when he told me,” she said. “It’s time to go back to my husband and be with them because honestly, I just thought I was going to be with them all night.”

But the goodwill doesn’t stop there.

On Valentine’s Day, Mosin surprised dozens of women in Fresno with the gifts.

One by one, he handed them bouquets of flowers, balloons, gift baskets, etc.

This isn’t the first gesture.

Mohsen uses his family-owned Tagas and Tamar Markets in Tajikistan as a place to impact people who are homeless, substance abused or financially struggling.

“They’re going through it, but they’re very humble and they’re not going to ask for help,” he said. “They really appreciate it when you do it for them.”

Mohsen didn’t stop there. He said he would work with Mayor Jerry Dyer to provide housing for the homeless.

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