Free Horror Sound Effects Pack

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Free Horror Sound Effects Pack

Free Horror Sound Effects Pack

From ghostly whispers to shrill screams, this horror sound effects pack will leave your audience breathless. Download these FREE horror sound effects for your next film or video project!

No scary film or video is complete without the addition of powerful sound effects to build suspense and shock the viewer. Whether you’re working on a fun Halloween video or creating a terrifying film, we’ve curated the following free horror sound effects pack to add impact to your projects.

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Highlights from RocketStock’s FREE Horror Sound Effects Pack:

  • Action riser (perfect for trailers)
  • Blood & guts
  • Eerie breathing, whispers
  • Screeches, slams & screams
  • Spooky ambience
  • Digital destruction
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Download Here
Note: Use any of these sound effects for FREE – we just ask that you don’t redistribute the audio files.

For a comprehensive sound effects kit, check out the Horror/Scary Volume 1 Package on PremiumBeat. This massive kit includes 135 high-quality SFX with foley sounds, ambience, stingers, and voices.

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Need more spooky stuff? Create a creepy logo reveal for your company with our Tombstone Template.

Want even more free stuff? Check out the free stuff section here on RocketStock.

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