Forget Jewelry – Here Are 3 Better Gifts for Your Partner on Valentine’s Day

A couple relaxing on the sofa, one playing the guitar.

Forget Jewelry – Here Are 3 Better Gifts for Your Partner on Valentine’s Day


A couple relaxing on the sofa, one playing the guitar.

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These gifts should trump bracelets, necklaces or rings.

key point

  • Many people give gifts to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.
  • Instead of matching jewelry, consider a financial gift like stock or a rewards credit card.

Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day fan or not, the reality is that it’s stressful to go all out. That might mean preparing a romantic dinner (or outsourcing it to a local restaurant chef), buying flowers, and giving your partner a meaningful gift. If you’re like many people, your go-to gift might be jewelry.

But here’s a better idea. Instead of risking busting your budget and choosing a piece of jewelry that may not quite fit your partner’s tastes, consider a gift for financial stability and wealth growth opportunities. Here are three specific financial gifts to look out for this Valentine’s Day.

1. Brand new co-branded credit card with generous rewards

If you and your partner share expenses and credit card accounts, a new credit card with a solid rewards program could be a gift your loved one might really appreciate. Think about the most money you and your partner spend. If you like dining out, find a credit card that offers extra cash back at restaurants. If you think you’ll be traveling a lot this year, choose a travel rewards credit card with perks like free checked luggage. If you use your co-branded card regularly, it will be a gift that keeps on giving.

2. A well thought out budget

Setting a budget doesn’t have to be rocket science, but it does take time. That’s because you’ll need to comb through your bank account and credit card statements to see your various bill amounts and figure out how much of your income to allocate to each expense category. Giving your partner a family budget gift really goes a long way if you’re willing to take the time. Once you have this budget, you may find it easier to increase your savings and work toward your common goals, whether it’s saving for the holidays or buying a house.

3. Stocks in a brokerage account

Stocks in a brokerage account may not be the most classic romantic gift, but it can make your loved one rich over time. Not only do stocks have the potential to increase in value, but many pay dividends, which are usually distributed to shareholders on a quarterly basis. These dividends can then be cashed out and spent, or can be reinvested to help grow long-term wealth. You can even get cute and offer your partners a stake in the company and its products—for example, a stake in Netflix and subscriptions to its streaming service.

Give a Gift That Really Matters

There’s nothing wrong with spending a small amount on a token gift for your partner this Valentine’s Day. But before you turn the wheel and withdraw large sums from your bank account for a lavish gift, consider these financial gifts. All of these can make a huge difference over time, and your partner may appreciate more than just a nice set of earrings.

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