For Valentine’s Day, shirtless tour pros and DJs become designers

For Valentine's Day, shirtless tour pros and DJs become designers

For Valentine’s Day, shirtless tour pros and DJs become designers


By Claire RogersFebruary 15, 2022

Tour players and their significant others.

Nikki Guidish, Justin Thomas and Colin Morikawa

your good friend!

Welcome to another edition of The Rogers Report, where I’ll learn all about social media and golf with you. I’ll be reporting live at the Genesis Invitational this week, so these posts will be more frequent. Between the WM Phoenix Open, Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl, we have a lot to catch up. Let’s dive into the water.

A week at WAG

Valentine’s Day is all about one thing: showing off your significant other on social media. It’s a day when even the most intimate couples drop a thank you note for their significant other, and that’s exactly what we got on Monday.

Justin Thomas and Jillian Wisniewski

Justin Thomas

Nikki Guidish and Patrick Cantlay

Nikki Gedish

The posts are great, but my favorite WAG content on social media was on Sunday at the WM Phoenix Open. When Patrick Cantley and Scotty Schaeffler faced off in the playoffs, their bigwigs leaned on each other to handle the pressure. look at this.

Nikki Guidish and Meredith Scheffler

Amanda Ballionis

Koepka’s Super Bowl ad

Brooks Koepka usually sticks to golf and gets involved on social media, but he took a page from his fiancée Jena Sims’ book and tried to endorse Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl ad. good!

Joel Damen and Harry Higgs

I know, I know, you’ve seen this shot a million times. But this is a social media roundup, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the video last time.

I’ll admit, after seeing Dahmen and Mitchell’s interaction on Twitter, I’m pretty sure Higgs will continue to wear No. 16 on Sunday. If it stays eight grand, I’m sure nothing can change that. But I didn’t take into account the influence of good friends on your decision-making ability, especially when they’re right next to you.

It was a classic “if you do it, I’ll do it” situation, and luckily it became a viral moment on Twitter.


DJ may not have played at the WM Phoenix Open, but he still has a week. From meeting his niece to working with Prada to a trip to the Super Bowl, the two-time Grand Slam champion has been living well.

Forgive me for not knowing the correct fashion terms, but those seem to be – for no better word – Prada’s leather bag on his shoes! Other than simply showing off the fact that he’s wearing Prada, I’m not sure what their purpose is. He might be able to put his Airpods in one of them and a snack in the other? I’m not entirely sure. Either way, congratulations partner, DJ.

DJ and his niece, Sicily

Paulina Gretzky

DJ from the Super Bowl

Paulina Gretzky

Many golfers will say the view from TPC Scottsdale 16 is the best spot for Super Bowl Sunday, but I also don’t think the DJ’s Super Bowl seating or the company he works for is too shabby.

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Claire Rogers Editor

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