For Food Lovers, Valentine’s Day Is Almost Homemade

For Food Lovers, Valentine's Day Is Almost Homemade

For Food Lovers, Valentine’s Day Is Almost Homemade


Another Valentine’s Day – in pandemic style – is almost here.

Some will head to restaurants on February 14 Romantic, but socially distanced celebrations. Yet many of us will stay home and celebrate our loving partnership as best we can.

One way to make the day feel special is to think about your favorite foods and add something unusual. Spend more money on better cuts of meat, rare spices or sweets.

If a high-end steak dinner is your dream Valentine’s Day meal, you can take it home. For example, Porter Road Meats in Nashville, Tennessee, offers dry deli and hand-cut meats. The company’s creators are committed to using only humanely sourced animal products.

But maybe you like seafood, like lobster! The McLoons Lobster Shack in Maine has a Valentine’s Day deal for two. The restaurant will serve you clam chowder, lobster rolls and heart-shaped blueberry bread pudding. The whole meal takes about ten minutes at home.

However, you may want to cook as part of the festivities.Blue Ribbon Sushi in New York City Will Serve You a DIY Meal kit Served with fresh fish, carefully prepared sushi rice, seaweed and bamboo shoots. You can add other foods to this Japanese meal such as caviar, lobster, crispy rice cakes, and more.

For early risers, maybe want to Valentine’s breakfast is the best.You can improve your eggs with a few slices crispy, expensive meat, like the meat at Peter Lugar’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn. Or check out Bill-E’s Bacon from Fairhope, Alabama. It makes thick cuts.

Other high-quality cooking Ingredients May include special olive oil or balsamic vinegar.

Valentine’s Day can also be simple and still special. snuggle and watch ROM with your love. Make some popcorn. Makers Stone Hollow Popcorn is sold in jars or gift boxes. You can choose from several types of corn, including red, blue, and finger corn.

Stone Hollow Popcorn comes in a variety of flavors to enhance your popcorn experience.  (Katie Workman via AP)

Stone Hollow Popcorn comes in a variety of flavors to enhance your popcorn experience. (Katie Workman via AP)

We can’t talk about Valentine’s Day without talking about chocolate. There are several options: You can treat your special someone to some fine chocolate, such as LA Burdick Company’s imaginative handcrafted mice with toasted almond ears. Or, consider the Colorful Love box from andSons chocolatiers. These treats are almost too pretty to eat.

Midunu chocolates are made in Ghana and the confections are designed to honour the African tradition of chocolate making. Try their four-person chocolate tasting kit, complete with flavor wheels, tasting pads, and more.

Staying at home for Valentine’s Day sounds better and better! Let us know if you have any special plans for February 14th.

I’m Katie Weaver.

The Associated Press reported the story. Caty Weaver adapted it to VOA Learning English. Susan Shand is the editor.


word in this story

Romantic adjective of, about or involving love between two people

kit n. a set of parts put together to make something

want to adjective of the highest grade or quality

crispy adjective Pleasantly thin, dry, crumbly

Element n. One of the things used to make food, products, etc.

snuggle phrase v. Lie down or sit together in a comfortable position

ROM n. A movie centered on a funny love story

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