Five out-of-the-box ideas for planning a date amid Covid-19

Five out-of-the-box ideas for planning a date amid Covid-19

Five out-of-the-box ideas for planning a date amid Covid-19


Valentine’s Day 2022: There is no doubt that the Covid-19 virus has wreaked havoc since its outbreak in 2019. It has claimed millions of lives around the world, affecting livelihoods and causing the global economy to drop to its lowest level. The pandemic has also taught us the ability to adapt. As human activity ceased and everything moved online, unique ways of coping with COVID-19-induced lockdowns were discovered.

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From work, school, courtrooms to holidays, the pandemic has overshadowed everything and changed the way we go about our daily lives. Now that Valentine’s Day is here, we already know that we have to figure out a way to plan the day in light of the still-threatening pandemic.

Now, before you brainstorm some unique ideas, we’ve put together some out-of-the-box ways you can plan your date this Valentine’s Day.

old school way

The old-school way doesn’t have to be boring. Even before technology changed our lives, people used to celebrate Valentine’s Day with great enthusiasm. This Valentine’s Day, consider writing a loving letter to your significant other, expressing your love the old-fashioned way. You can also choose to confess something you are afraid to tell your partner.

online date

If your office can move online and your school can go digital, why not your love life? If the virus keeps two lovebirds away from each other, let technology bridge the gap. Different topics can be selected for online dating. Turn on mood lighting in your room and connect through your device’s screen while blocking viruses.

carnival watch

What could be better than being locked in the same house as your significant other on Valentine’s Day. If you’re such a lucky couple, don’t waste your day making it special. Binge-watching shows you both love can be the best way to interact with each other and learn about each other’s interests.

night walk

Since crowded bars and cafes are no longer so safe, take your partner to a quiet and isolated place after dinner and enjoy each other’s company as you take a walk. Also consider bringing some flowers or chocolates with you.

order his/her favorite food

If you are truly in love with your partner, then you must know his/her likes and dislikes. A delicious meal can brighten anyone’s mood, so this Valentine’s Day, if you can’t share dinner, order your partner’s favorite food. By having your partner’s favorite things, you can truly express your love for her/him without even saying anything.

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