Find out how the world celebrates the day

Happy Valentine's Day: This is how the world celebrates the day of love

Find out how the world celebrates the day


Happy Valentine's Day: This is how the world celebrates the day of love

Happy Valentine’s Day 2022: Every year on February 14th is Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, many people no doubt start thinking of flowers, chocolates, and heart-eye memes. In India, gift shops across the country were filled with red balloons and cards in the days leading up to February 14. However, not all couples around the world exchange cards, buy chocolates or exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day. So if this makes you curious about how the day is commemorated around the world, let us tell you that the traditions of this romantic day vary from country to country.

Here’s how some countries celebrate Valentine’s Day:


In Argentina, Valentine’s Day in July lasts for a week and is called “Semana de la Dulzura” or “Sweet Week”. This is the day when lovers give and receive kisses, chocolates and other delicacies. The holiday started out as a business event, but has since evolved into a Valentine’s Day tradition.


One of the most beautiful Valentine’s Day celebrations takes place in France. The first Valentine’s Day card is thought to have originated in France in 1415, when Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent a love letter to his wife from prison. From February 12th to 14th, the French village of Valentine becomes the center of romance. Beautiful yards, trees and homes are covered with cards and roses.


Bulgaria has its own version of Valentine’s Day. The country celebrates San Trifon Zartan on February 14, which means “The Winemaker’s Day”. Couples celebrate their love for each other while drinking local wine.

South Korea

Love Day is celebrated on the 14th of every month. May 14 is “Rose Day” and June 14 is “Kiss Day”. December 14th is “Hug Day”. Singles eat black noodles to celebrate “Black Day” on April 14.

South Africa

To show their love in South Africa, women will pin their significant other’s name on their sleeves. Men, albeit in small numbers, also follow this custom.


Here, on Valentine’s Day, many couples get married at a government-sponsored event. It’s a huge event in the country and one of the biggest Valentine’s Day celebrations in the world.


February 14 was designated as National Chocolate Day in Ghana. It is one of the largest cocoa producers in the world. Therefore, the government decided to dedicate this day to chocolate to boost tourism.


Women of the Miao ethnic group in southwest China prepare a variety of colored rice to serve male suitors. Women hide various trinkets in the rice to convey a message.


Here, couples celebrate their own Valentine’s Day on January 25. Known as “St. Devin’s Day,” couples gift each other elegant handmade wooden spoons.


In Valencia, Spain, Valentine’s Day is October 9, celebrating the feast of St. Dionysus. In much of Spain, in honor of the event, men make a marzipan figurine called a “macadora” to give to their female companions.


The country celebrates Valentine’s Day on February 14 in a unique way.On this day, cards handcrafted with white embossed flowers known as snowdrops are exchanged between friends and lovers


Here, Valentine’s Day is more than a celebration of romantic love. Estonia celebrates love for all on a day known as “Sobrapaev”. It’s a day to celebrate not only loved ones, but family and friends as well.


In another unique Valentine’s Day celebration, in Japan, men are the ones who receive gifts from women. They can choose to return their love on March 14, which is also known as White Day.


Celebrated on February 24, the day is a mash-up of Valentine’s Day and springtime celebrations. Many couples get engaged and young men and women go to the tree to pick bright flowers, while others wash their cheeks with snow as a symbol of good luck.

Czech Republic

On May 1, couples make a pilgrimage to a statue of poet Karol Hynek Macha and kiss under a cherry tree for good luck.


Celebrate a festival called “Dia dos Namorados”, also known as “Valentine’s Day”. Chocolates, cards and flowers are often exchanged, and there are music festivals and dance performances.

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