FFXIV: Valentine’s Day Event Guide (2022)

FFXIV: Valentine's Day Event Guide (2022)

FFXIV: Valentine’s Day Event Guide (2022)


By participating in Final Fantasy XIV’s Valentine’s Day event, players can earn exclusive seasonal items such as unique vests and house decorations.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day in the real world, Final Fantasy XIV It’s sharing its love with Valentine’s Day event, offering participants short romantic tasks and free rewards. The event will run until February 21st, so players must make sure to complete the storyline and collect seasonal items before then.To start an active mission, the player must be in FFXIV At level 15 or higher. Additionally, new players from Ul’dah or Limsa Lominsa who have not unlocked airship travel will need to complete level 15 as the quest provider is in Gridania”messenger“The MSQ of their starting city.

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As for Valentine’s Day rewards, FFXIV Fans will be able to earn Postmoogle Barding and Valentine Mobile by completing event missions. Postmoogle Barding is a charming chocobo armor festive set designed with the iconic Postmoogle hat and bag in mind. Valentinee Mobile is a home decoration that can be mounted on interior walls. Additionally, players can purchase certain past seasonal items from House Valentone Maid. This event provider can be found in Old Gridania in front of Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre at X:10.6, Y:8.7.

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Start Valentine’s Day FFXIVthe player must accept the mission,”love is not lost“By talking to Lisette de Valentione at the Gridania Amphitheatre at X:10.2, Y:9.4. In this mission, the fan is tasked with helping junior Postmoogle Pukty Piko deliver love letters throughout Gridania. The first delivery destination is at Carpenter’s Guild. After some dialogue, the player will be directed to the Society of Botanists, where the recipient can be found.

Final Fantasy XIV Valentine’s Guide

Final Fantasy XIV Valentine's Day Event Guide

once FFXIV Players use Pukty Piko to complete the first delivery, they must complete two more. The second recipient is located near The Whistling Mill, while the third recipient can be found near Apkallu Falls.After all three Postmoogle deliveries FFXIV It’s done, go back to the amphitheater and go to Lisette to pick up the second Valentine’s Day event quest,”labor of love. “

Finish”labor of loveThe player must help a troubled woman named Aloyse, who can be found near the Conjurer’s Guild. After learning about Aloyse’s situation, the player will help her write and deliver a letter to her at the top of Old Gridania Unnamed The suitor of the area. Finally, return to Lisette to see the conclusion of the quest and get Postmoogle Barding as a reward.

once”love is not lost” and”labor of love“Completed, a new repeatable task called”better letterswill be open. During this quest, fans can help NPCs write love letters, and what options are there FFXIV What the player should or should not choose will depend on the reactions of Moogle and NPCs.

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Final Fantasy XIV Available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam or the official Square Enix website.

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