FFXIV Valentine’s Day 2022 Dates, Start Times and Rewards

FFXIV Valentine's Day 2022 Dates, Start Times and Rewards

FFXIV Valentine’s Day 2022 Dates, Start Times and Rewards


Valentine’s Day is coming, many people Final Fantasy XIV Fans are very excited about the game’s seasonal event, Valentine’s Day, which will run for about two weeks this month and offer some unique rewards. As the name suggests, the celebration is Valentine’s Day themed. Fortunately, Eorzea’s version of the holiday isn’t as relationship-centric as it is in the real world, so fans can have fun regardless of relationship status.

The annual Valentine’s Day event first appeared on final fantasy 1.0The first february after that was back in the game realm of rebirthlaunched in 2013. The annual celebration takes place briefly around February 14. As with most holidays, the three main city-states of Eorzea (Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah) and their residential areas will be decorated according to the theme.In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, fans should take a quick break from the grind terminatorThe astronomical boulders are enough to admire the lovely heart decorations for Valentine’s Day 2022.

Screencast of the day

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This year’s event artwork, rewards, and quest titles all indicate that Love Letters will be FFXIV2022 Valentine’s Day story. Like flowers, chocolates, and hearts, love letters are an iconic symbol of Valentine’s Day; however, at the same time, they provide a new angle to the campaign’s questline, ensuring a fresh story rather than an old one Stale repetition.given FFXIVWith the inclination of storytelling, fans might expect a funny and heartwarming story.

When FFXIV Valentine’s Day 2022 begins

FFXIV Valentine's Day Event 2022 Little Ladies Day

FFXIV‘s Valentone’s Day 2022 seasonal event will begin on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 at 12AM PST. This event will run until Monday, February 21, 2022 at 6:59AM PST.This is less than a week after the end FFXIV‘s 2022 All Saints’ Wake event, a Halloween-themed event, ends on February 2. Shortly before this was the New Year-themed Heavensturn event, followed by the Christmas-themed Celebration of Stars. Seasonal events come in succession, and this trend is likely to continue, as it’s a great way to ensure players get back into the game.

if FFXIV‘s seasonal event schedule follows its usual cycle, with the Little Ladies’ Day event themed after the Japanese festival Hinamatsuri being the next one.While the 2021 Little Ladies Day event coincides with Valentine’s Day celebrations FFXIV, which is an exception to the rule, and Square Enix has not indicated that there will be any overlap between them again in 2022. Fans are likely to expect the Little Ladies Day event to be in late February or early March. Hinamatsuri, sometimes called Girls’ Day, takes place on March 3rd every year, so FFXIVThe seasonal events to celebrate the holiday may not start later than that.

Where to start Valentine’s Day 2022 in FFXIV

Mih Khettos Amphitheatre FFXIV Valentine's Day 2022 Events

Started level 15 quest FFXIVThe story of Valentine’s Day 2022 is called “No Love Lost.” After the official start of the event, the quest will take place in Old Gridania. Players can earn this quest by talking to Lisette de Valentione, who has done the same for past Valentine’s Day celebrations. She will be located at coordinates (X: 10.2, Y: 9.5), on stage at Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre.This is a common starting point for seasonal missions, so fans of past events like FFXIVThe 2021 Starlight Celebration may already know the scene.

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A special instance called Valentine’s Ceremony has appeared every year since its launch in 2018, and there’s a good chance that Valentine’s Day 2022 will continue that pattern.if FFXIV This year brings back the dungeon, and players will have to work in pairs to get through a maze full of moogles.Even if Valentine’s ceremony doesn’t show up this time around, fans can bet FFXIV There are better plans.

FFXIV: All Rewards for Valentine’s Day 2022 Explained

Players can customize Chocobo mounts in a number of ways FFXIV, one of which is wearing clothing called bardings. This Valentine’s Day 2022 event will reward participating players with a unique (and cute) item called the Postmoogle Barding. The item description reads: “A festive set of chocobo armor inspired by industrious postmen everywhere. ” This will allow players to equip their Chocobo with the iconic Postmoogles scattered around FFXIV And as an in-game mail delivery system.

Another limited-time item rewarded by Valentine’s 2022 seasonal event is a wall-mounted decoration called Valentine Mobile.with the same sense of humor, often seen in FFXIV Item description, which reads: “Draping ornaments are made in various heart shapes, but none are anatomically accurate. In addition to these limited-time rewards, during Valentine’s Day 2022, certain items from previous Valentine’s Day celebrations can be purchased from an NPC called the Valentian Palace Maid.

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Valentine’s Day events over the past few years have offered a variety of rewards, including jewelry, hats, clothing, weapons, furniture, mounts, chocobo vests, emotes, minions, orchestra rolls, food items, titles, and achievements.Some of them, like the heartbreak mount, are currently in FFXIVonline store purchases. Others are not, however, and fans can only hope they’ll be available for this year’s festivities.

For those who want to get their hands on Postmoogle Barding or Valentine Mobile, they will have them before the event ends on February 21, 2022. As usual, these are limited-time rewards, so unless they show up on the online store (which will cost players money), this is the only time it’s available for free.since terminatorSurprising MSQ summarizes existing stories, many Final Fantasy XIV Fans have been anxiously awaiting news about the future of the game. For now, however, they should use the 2022 Valentine’s Day event as an opportunity to turn their attention to appreciating and celebrating their loved ones. After all, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

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