February 13 National Breakup Day, Can You Dump Someone on Valentine’s Day

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February 13 National Breakup Day, Can You Dump Someone on Valentine’s Day

Those of you in unsatisfying relationships are probably ready to smash your computer if you hear one more mention of Valentine’s Day (sorry). Well, I’ve got some news that could perk you up a bit: Today, February 13, is actually something of a “National Breakup Day.” It got the title a few years ago when a study from Virgin Mobile revealed that 59 percent of people would consider dumping someone right before Valentine’s Day to save some cash. Makes sense, but what’s going on morally here?

Your sex life is a great indicator of your relationship as a whole. If you stop having sex, it’s often an early warning sign that things are just not working.

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I think it’s pretty much always better if you can avoid breaking up with someone right before any major holiday. That’s especially true for the one day a year that’s meant to celebrate love and romance. Unless you just found out something huge, like that he was cheating (or you discovered that out a while ago but want to cause maximum emotional carnage, which I can’t quite endorse but can definitely understand), then there are so many other days to get the job done.

When you think about it, maybe you knew the relationship would end before Valentine’s Day and didn’t spend money on his present, but he probably had no idea. If you have no hard feelings about him or the relationship, it’ll probably turn out to be a pretty emotionally traumatic experience for both of you to do the dumping right now. At least he can eat the chocolate and cuddle the teddy bear he was probably going to give you?

On the other hand, let’s say you haven’t realized you’ve been in a dead-end relationship, but the growing hype leading up to Valentine’s Day has made it undeniable. It’s so uncomfortable to go through romantic motions your heart’s not really into, so I can understand just ending it today. Plus, most couples expect to have amazing sex on Valentine’s Day, and you absolutely shouldn’t have to talk yourself into doing that or feel like you need to out of obligation. That’s not what sex is supposed to be about, and any good guy would be horrified to find out you went along with it even though you weren’t into him anymore.

The bottom line is that when possible, I’d say try to be kind and break up with someone a few weeks before Valentine’s Day at the latest. But at the end of the day, you’re your number one priority. If today has to be the day, so be it. Just try to make it as painless as possible.

Have you ever broken up with someone the day before Valentine’s Day? How about vice versa? If you’re spending the holiday alone for whatever reason, life coach Gabby Bernstein’s got you covered.

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