Family Olympics Event – Our Kerrazy Adventure

Family Olympics Event - Our Kerrazy Adventure

Family Olympics Event – Our Kerrazy Adventure

Family Olympic Event- How to Host your Own Family Olympics- Family Night Idea-

Family Olympics is one of our favorite traditions! It’s not so much about winning, but the joy of doing something together. Plus we like to invite other cool families to join us in the excitement. And my kids love hanging out with their family and their friends. We held out first Family Olympic Event in the summer of 2008. (Past pictures of our family below.) We had 4 other families join us for a one of a kind family night. Each family is invited to choose the country of their choice to compete in simple events. This family night is perfect for building family unity and for developing a love for other countries. I encourage families to choose a country from their family history or a country where maybe someone has served a mission. Dressing up isn’t required but it makes for a fun time. The key is to keep things simple. And to have fun.


How to Host a Family Olympics Event: 


To keep it simple I love to use Evite. You can email the basic information, but there is a comment section which is perfect for families to share what country they want to represent. How embarrassing would it be to have two families show up, both cheering for Italy?  I like to have our Family Olympics at a nearby park (No need to have a clean house) and I encourage everyone to bring their own water. 


Family Olympic Ideas- How to Celebrate the Olympics



We gathered as a group and after an opening prayer we play the Fan Fair Olympic Music as we introduced each family/country. I meant to make a paper torch, but it didn’t happen. I also try and take a picture of each family for scrapbook purposes. This year we finally invested in a flag for our country. Team Kerr was playing for Scotland. And we aren’t too rigid in our Family Olympics. We have had a family who represented the People’s Republic of Anaheim Angels or even Team Mordor. I love this picture of my friend Jen with the white hand of Saruman. She has blog devoted to homeschooling and family adventures. They are about to travel the country on a new adventure. Hoping they can make it out this way some time. Especially when we have our next Family Olympics. 

Inspired Family of 5- Family Olympic Ideas


To keep things simple I like to have 3 events: Discus, Water Balloon Toss, and 3 legged Race. Sometimes I will have a kids race and then one for the parents. Kids love seeing their parents participate in fun, silly things. 

Free Frisbee Markers for Family Olympics


Items needed:

Frisbee (Make sure they are all the same, to keep it fair, or just use one Frisbee)

Markers (Free Download Below) 

Clipboard and Pen 

Chalk (to mark where to stand and also where to have others stand while they wait) 

Review the rules on whether it counts where the disk lands or where it stops. Have each Olympian throw the Frisbee in a designated spot. Place your marker where it lands. This keeps it easier to see who places where. I like to have my markers numbered and then each participant can give me their number and name. I have a clipboard with the numbers already in a column and then I add each name before we start the event. Usually a couple dads will be out in the field to spot where the Frisbee lands. Super Easy and really fun. It can take awhile depending on the number of children in each family. 

Get These Printable Discus Markers

Water Balloon Toss

Items needed:

Water Balloons that tie themselves 

Seriously life is so much easier since they invented these gems! I found a great price in the link above. Make sure someone is watching and recording. Each team takes turns tossing their water balloons back and forth. Then have one row take a step back. It’s really fun to see how long some teams can go. And remember to Leave No Trace and to have the kids pick up every popped balloon. 

Three Legged Race

Items needed:

Elastic Tie Ropes or scraps of fabric

Have a start and finish line clearly defined. I really like to do an adult race and a kid race. Have everyone attach themselves to a friend. Give them a chance to practice for a bit. And then watch the fun begin! 

Family Olympic Traditions


I made my Medals with paper cut into circles and then hot gun glued some ribbon from the dollar store. You could also pick up some of these medals to keep things even easier. Nothing has to be flashy, but everyone likes getting a little something for fun. I have our winners stand up somewhere and I try to get pictures to record our winners for posterity. Maybe I should even mark those in a journal somewhere. 

Family Olympic Through the years


We had cupcakes that were frosted the color of the Olympic Rings. We arranged them in little circles to look like rings. But these medal cookies look amazing! You can have the treats be as easy or fancy as you want. And it may depend on the number of people invited.

After years of planning Family Olympics I have learned to delegate. When friends offer to help let them bring the water balloons or make the treats. I totally appreciate my friends who brought the fabric ties for our race or who helped with the cupcakes. Sometimes I like to ask a friend to be in charge of each event,  The idea is to have a fun, easy family night. This would also be great for a family reunion. And I love how these markers have helped me! And since I appreciate you reading and visiting my blog, I am happy to share them with you. Just download, print them out and cut them into strips. Then glue them on shiskabob sticks. Easy peasy! 

Family Night Idea- Hosting Family Olympics

I hope this family activity inspires you to throw a Family Olympic Event for your family and friends. I know it will be a great memory for you and your kids. And it’s the perfect way to get them excited about watching the Olympics and cheering for all those who have worked so hard. I am so happy we were able to celebrate with great friends as we hosted our first Family Olympics in Arizona. It was awesome, even if I totally forgot to apply bug spray and I am itching as I write this up. 

What country would you want to represent? Share it in the comments below. 

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