Erin McGregor enjoys Valentine’s Day date at Brother Connor’s Dublin pub

Erin McGregor enjoys Valentine's Day date at Brother Connor's Dublin pub

Erin McGregor enjoys Valentine’s Day date at Brother Connor’s Dublin pub


Erin McGregor went to dinner at her brother’s Dublin pub to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

UFC star Connor’s sister traveled to the Black Forge with her partner Terry Kavanagh.

Erin shared many photos and videos to mark the day on her Instagram Story.

She paid tribute to Terry, saying: “He’s probably the only man I’ve dated who has really gone out of his way to be romantic. He always tries.

“It’s the little things I like about him. In fact, even after all these years, he still does his best for me. He never lets any occasion pass.”

Erin and Terry head to the Crumlin Bar for a “Sneaky Valentine’s Lunch” where Erin tries the bar’s new “Victoria Secret” cocktail.

Sharing a video of Terry dancing, she added: “Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. They never talked about an easy or perfect relationship.

Erin McGregor and Terry Kavanagh (Image credit: Instagram/Erin McGregor)

“What a love movie never shows is that it takes time and energy to keep things together in hard times. Sometimes you meet someone and you keep pushing on the hardest days because your priorities are the same as theirs … they just got it.

“You don’t need to explain what you’re looking for in love because they already know. I don’t need flowers or gifts, just give me a back massage, a lie down or a little hug.

“The one who gets me a cup of tea at the end of a long day. The one who loves our kids and puts them first. The one who puts my fake tan on my back, takes the bin out and listens The person I spoke to groaned and most importantly put our family first @terrykavanagh77 Happy Valentine’s Day. They never said it was easy, but it was worth it.”

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