Easter Sentiments and Quotations to Add to Cards

Easter Sentiments and Quotations to Add to Cards

Easter Sentiments and Quotations to Add to Cards

Adding the perfect Easter sentiment or saying can make a generic store-bought greeting card feel extra special. And if you’re making your own handmade greeting cards for the holiday, you can use an Easter quote or saying as a springboard for the overall design. Whether you’re looking for a religious message or a simple way to tell someone you’re thinking of them, you’re sure to find some inspiration from the the following ideas.

Quotations for Easter Cards

These websites have compiled Easter quotes, many of which are concise enough to fit on a greeting card.

  • The Quote Garden: This website features many religious quotes for the holiday, as well as some secular options.
  • Cards: This source offers a short collection of quotes ranging from solemn to silly.
  • Brainy Quote: You’ll find an extensive collection of Easter-themed quotes on this website.
  • Finest Quotes: This website has a small selection of proverbs and quotes.

Easter Jokes

Add a humorous touch to Easter cards with some jokes from these websites.

  • Activity Village: This source has lots of jokes that are suitable for children.
  • Happy Easter: You’ll find a range of jokes mostly at the expense of the Easter bunny on this site.
  • Easter Humor: These jokes are primarily family-friendly, though a few are marked with a PG rating.

Poems for Easter Cards

Consider adding a short poem from one of the following websites to the front of an Easter card as part of the design or to the inside as a greeting.

  • Poem Source: Here you’ll find religious poems that are free for use on personal greeting cards, provided that the author’s name and the web address are cited.
  • Can Teach: This website features Easter poems, many of which are perfect for children.
  • Holiday Spot: Discover a selection of short poems suitable for all types of cards on this website.
  • Poems for Free: Get free poems for noncommercial use here.
  • Alphabet Soup: This website offers lots of bunny-themed poems that are ideal for children.
  • Apples 4 the Teacher: This source has Christian poems for both children and adults.

How to Add an Easter Greeting to a Card

Once you’ve chosen the Easter sentiment for your card, you have to decide how you’re going to add it. If you’re creating a totally handmade card, the sentiment can become the major focal point if you wish. Here are some ideas:

  • Alphabet stamps: Alphabet stamps are a good option if the quote you’re using isn’t very long. Stamp your message onto scrap paper first to see how much room the sentiment will take before stamping it directly onto your card. If you need to split the sentiment over multiple lines of text, experiment to see how different configurations will look.
  • Printed text: Adding printed text to a card is a nice alternative if your sentiment is lengthy or if you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time for stamping. Use high-quality paper rather than plain white office paper, and match the font to the design of the card.
  • Handwriting: Whether you break out your calligraphy pens or just opt to use a marker, don’t be afraid to simply handwrite the Easter sentiment onto your card. A handwritten note always adds a special touch, making your card feel more personal and unique.

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