Download Thanksgiving Evening Screensaver 2.0

Download Thanksgiving Evening Screensaver 2.0

Download Thanksgiving Evening Screensaver 2.0

Celebrate Thanksgiving day with this customizable screensaver that supports multiple monitors and comes with soothing sound effects

Screensavers no longer serve their original purpose now that pretty much everyone uses LCD monitors, but it can still be nice to have a beautiful animation shown on your display whenever you step away from your computer.

Thanksgiving Evening Screensaver can get you into the holiday mood and keep this old American tradition going. It creates a nice, cozy atmosphere in the room, with beautiful animations and ambient sound effects.

High-quality screensaver for Thanksgiving

As soon as you install and preview the screensaver, you will see that it certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality. The background and animations are all quite impressive, so it should look great on your desktop.

The candles and leaves are animated, the latter being generated in random position at regular intervals. However, you cannot customize the number of leaves that are displayed or their speed.

While the screensaver was created to help you celebrate Thanksgiving, it looks good enough that you may be tempted to keep using it even after the holiday.

Offers a decent number of customization options

Thanksgiving Evening Screensaver supports multiple monitors, and you can specify whether or not it should be displayed on each of the available devices. What’s more, you can set the display resolution for each adapter.

The screensaver includes a log fire sound effect that plays automatically. From the settings, you can either lower its volume or mute the audio altogether.

Thanksgiving screensaver to get you into the holiday spirit

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your desktop’s look, and Thanksgiving just happens to be coming up, this screensaver is certainly worth a try. It is very well designed, displaying high-quality animations and relaxing sound effects, while being very easy to set up. It could use a few more customization options, but most users should find the existing ones to be sufficient.

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