Dolly Parton Valentine’s Day E-Card Sings “I Will Always Love You” – Billboard

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Valentine’s Day E-Card Sings “I Will Always Love You” – Billboard


Whether you’re dating this Valentine’s Day or spending it alone, Dolly Parton is showering her fans with love.

American Greetings announced Friday (Feb. 4) a new SmashUp video greeting card featuring the country icon herself singing her legendary 1973 hit “I’ll Always Love You.”

This heartfelt card features a one-minute video montage showing all kinds of love from romance to family, and even between pets and their owners. “Love comes in all sizes, types and colors,” Parton’s voice can be heard telling recipients after singing the chorus of her beloved love song. Parton can also name your loved one in person, and you can choose one of more than 1,000 names from a drop-down menu.


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“I’m so excited to share this SmashUp, and hope the song brings you as much joy this Valentine’s Day as I have over the years,” Parton said in a press statement.

“Our birthday SmashUp featuring Dolly has been one of the most popular e-cards since it launched last May. It’s easy to see why – Dolly is so genuine and loved by so many, she cares and positivity in everything she does,” added Rob Matousek, executive director of direct consumer business at American Greetings. “We help inspire people to connect and make others feel loved and special, as Dolly and her music do for her fans, and that’s what makes this collaboration so powerful. The result is a thoughtful, heartfelt A video e-card that you can send to a relationship or to anyone close to you – it will bring real joy to the person who receives it.”

Send Dolly Parton SmashUp to your loved ones through the American Greetings and Blue Mountain websites and the SmashUps and Blue Mountain ecards apps for iPhone and Android.

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