Dolly Parton shares rare photo with husband Carl Dean on Valentine’s Day

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Dolly Parton shares rare photo with husband Carl Dean on Valentine's Day

Dolly Parton shares rare photo with husband Carl Dean on Valentine’s Day


Dolly Parton is a constant topic — for many reasons.

The 76-year-old country music singer has won a Grammy and has been a fashion icon for decades, creating delicious food collaborations (with Duncan Hines and Jeni’s Ice Cream, to be exact), and bringing her to life by a number. A charitable initiative to make the most of wealth.

Another reason the “Jolene” singer has been in the headlines over the years? Her relationship with her husband of more than 55 years, Carl Dean, has been largely kept out of the public eye. One of the few exceptions? Of course it’s Valentine’s Day!

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To celebrate the day of love, Dolly posted on Instagram with a rare photo of herself and Carl. “Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Remember to squeeze your loved ones a little tighter today and tell them you love them,” she captioned the photo, which shows Karl hugging and kissing her on the cheek.

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Given that Dolly rarely puts the spotlight on Carl (as the couple prefers that), fans immediately flooded her comments section with heart emoji, heart-eye smileys, and overall love and adoration for her and Carl .

“He is real! Tell your lover we thank him for sharing you so lovingly over the decades,” wrote one fan. “How sweet!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Carl. You are all great role models to the world,” others chimed in. “So glad Jolene didn’t steal your man,” joked another fan.

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One fan was so inspired by Dolly and Carl’s love that he even wrote a song about it. “The sweetest! I wrote a song called Carl Dean and posted a little clip today – inspired by your love story! Happy Valentine’s Day Dolly and Carl,” she commented on Dolly’s post.

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