DIY Inexpensive Baby Shower Favors Ideas for Boy

DIY Inexpensive Baby Shower Favors Ideas for Boy

DIY Inexpensive Baby Shower Favors Ideas for Boy

Baby showers are incomplete without shower favors. You must make sure that you make it a memorable occasion for your guests as well. And party favors are the best way to make it a memorable occasion for them as well. If you are clueless about what to have as baby shower favors then we have come up with some interesting ideas to ease your tension.

Have a look at the most amazing and unique DIY baby shower favor ideas for boys. Use these simple ideas to make it a worthy gift for your guests.

Yummy Animal Cracker Boxes

Yummy Animal Cracker Boxes Baby Shower Favor Boys

You can pack up animal crackers in transparent boxes and tie beautiful satin ribbons on them. There come in so many different flavors and shapes and you can always pick up a popular flavor loved by adults as well as children.

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Pie Slice

Pie Slice Baby Shower Favor Boys

Prepare a pie and pack each pie for each one of the guests. This is definitely a very sweet way to say Thank You to all your family and friends who were there to make it a special day for you. Be creative with your packing to make it look more impressive. Adding a fork and tissue with it will surely make it more distinctive.

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DIY Cookie Jars

DIY Cookie Jars Baby Shower Favor Boys

Surprise your family and friends by creating your own cookie jar. You can experiment and create a customized cookie jar with cookies, creams, chocolates and whatever you desire. Don’t forget to pack it nicely. A flower motif or ribbon would be perfect to add a fine finishing touch to it.

A Pack of Macaroons

A Pack of Macaroons Baby Shower Favor Boys

You can always make it a sweet surprise for everyone by arranging a few pieces of macaroons in a plastic box. For the person touch, you can add some color sprinkles on them to add more colors and fun to this simple yet adorable sweet dish.

Jars Full of Jam

Jars Full of Jam Baby Shower Favor Boys

You can even buy small jars and fill them up with jams of a particular flavor or various different flavors. They again make up a wonderful baby shower favor. They are very easy to make at home and you can plan for them in advance. Make sure that you pack them nicely in glass jars. You can even include a personalized message on a tag attached with the jar.

Jars of Popcorn Kernels

Jars of Popcorn Kernels Baby Shower Favor Boys

Keep it simple and stylish by packing up popcorn kernels in jar as an exquisite party favor to your guests. If you want then you can also have popped up popcorns in the jar, depending upon your choice. Wrap them up with a cloth and don’t forget to add a Thank You tag.

A Photo Frame

A Photo Frame Baby Shower Favor Boys

Subjective to how much time you have in your hands, you can create beautiful photograph frames for your guests. This is something which they would always have with them. Get simple photo frames from the market and decorate them in some interesting way. You can use colorful buttons, dry flowers, ribbons and various other embellishments available in the market to decorate them in the most beautiful way possible.

Scented Soaps

Scented Soaps Baby Shower Favor Boys

You can order some specific scented soap for all your guests. Surprise them with some interesting fragrance. To add a personalized touch, you can wrap them beautifully depending upon your baby shower theme along with a message hanging on the tag.

Colorful Baby Theme Cookies

Colorful Baby Theme Cookies Baby Shower Favor Boys

You can have a bunch of cookies placed inside a box. These cookies have to be special. Make them around baby shower theme and add loads of colors to make them all the more special. You can use a stick to wrap them individually.

These are some of the most amazing ideas for baby shower favors for boys which are easy to make at home. With such wonderful homemade favor ideas, you can surely impress all your guests with your creative side!!!

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