Dick Van Dijk proves age is just a number as he dances with wife Arlene Silver on Valentine’s Day

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Dick Van Dijk proves age is just a number as he dances with wife Arlene Silver on Valentine's Day

Dick Van Dijk proves age is just a number as he dances with wife Arlene Silver on Valentine’s Day


Although he and his wife Arlene Silver46-year age gap, Dick Van Dyke He has no problem keeping up with her, as evidenced in a new video.

On Valentine’s Day, the couple will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary at the end of the month with the release of their cover “Everybody Loves a Lover” on Silver’s YouTube channel – Richard Adler and A song by Robert Allen popularized by Doris Day in 1958. In the clip, the 96-year-old icon sits in a chair and sings part of the song, then jumps to show off some of his gimmicky footwork against the backdrop of Fallen Fruit’s colorful SUPERSHOW art installation in Los Angeles.The music video also features The Vantastix’s Eric Bradley, Brian Chadima and Mike MendykeThe other three members of the barbershop quartet Van Dyke formed in 2020, as well as the jazz trumpeter Tony Guerrero.

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This Mary Poppins star said before procession Performing with a band is “my favorite thing to do. It’s my retirement pastime. I don’t play golf. I prefer to sing and dance.” Apparently, his wife felt the same way.Van Dyke and Silver, a producer and former makeup artist, first met in 2007 at the 13th Screen Actors Guild Awards, where she was working while he was acting Julie Andrews Lifetime Achievement Award.They married in 2012, the actor told procession“It was one of the smartest moves I’ve ever done. She made me so happy. She’s very mature for her age and mine is very immature, so it’s just right!”

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This is Van Dijk’s second marriage. For the first time, his 30-year marriage to the late Maggie Willett ended in 1984 after a six-year separation. They had four children together, Barry, Christianity, Staceyand CarrieThe legendary actor went on to have a relationship with actress Michele Triola for over 30 years until her death from lung cancer in 2009.

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