Daughter Poems Mother Father Daughter Poems Daughters Birthday

dad_daughter mom_daughter poems

Daughter Poems Mother Father Daughter Poems Daughters Birthday

Daughter Poems From Parents

Poems For A Daughter Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Beautiful Daughter Poems – Mother Daughter Poems or Father Daughter Poems. I have often been at my wits end, searching for Poems For A Daughter. Finding a Poem To My Daughter to say I’m Proud Of My Daughter is no easy task. A Poem For My Daughter should not be this difficult. For A Special Daughter Poems are definitely not an easy task to tackle. Mother And Daughter Poems or Father Daughter Poems. I have the best Birthday Poems For Daughters. Whether you are looking For A Sweet Daughter Birthday Poem for your Daughter’s Birthday Card or Happy Birthday Daughter Poems for other occasions.

dad_daughter mom_daughter poems

To begin with I have the most beautiful Daughter Poems. It is important to realize that you need to say “I’m Proud of my Daughter” and a poem is in essence the perfect opportunity to do so. Generally speaking it is in fact one of the nicest compliments.

My Daughter A Wingless Angel

An angel sent from heaven
For me she left her wings –
I wonder if she knows how
much joy to me she brings.

She illuminates all my days
with her charm and smile –
She helps me gain perception
on only things worthwhile.

Her flawless face, lights up a room
she’s so gentle, soft and sweet –
Delicate and delightful
the nicest girl you’ll meet.

She tries her very best to
always do what’s right –
Her caring gentle nature
to watch is a delight.

When she sees someone suffering
she goes straight to their aide –
She will do all she can to help
that’s just how she was made.

She makes me proud in all she does
so much happiness she brings –
She’s my Daughter she’s my angel
sent to earth, without her wings.

By Toni Kane

Mother And Daughter Poems

My Girl

She’s the air that I breathe
She’s the beat in my heart –
She’s the tear in my eyes
when we’re apart.

She’s the pride that I feel
with all she achieves –
I’m the one who gives hope
in what she believes.

She’s a part of my body
but now she’s all grown –
as she waves me goodbye
to find a life of her own.

My beautiful girl
you’ve grown up so fine –
You make me so proud
to know that you’re mine.

By Toni Kane

Best Mother Daughter Poems

My Little Girl

My Daughter means
the world to me –
A big wide world
for her to see.

She grows a little
more each day –
I’ll be here always
to guide her way.

She blooms and grows
like a flower –
Little by little
hour by hour.

One day I’ll look
and she’ll be grown –
And start a life
out on her own.

But for the time
she’s with me now.
So I can teach
and show her how.

By Toni Kane

For A Special Daughter Poems

I’ll Always Be There For You

I watched your birth
I watched you crawl –
I watched you walk
I’ve seen it all.

Your first words
your first school day –
Your first running race
and games you play.

Your first tooth fall out
your first dance –
Your first heartbreak.
your first romance.

No matter when
No matter where –
Your first or last
I will be there.

By Toni Kane

Beautiful Daughter Poems

Daughter A Gift From The Gods

The first time that I saw you
I could not believe –
How could this beautiful
baby girl really belong to me.

I must of done something good
for this child must certainly be –
An angel sent from the heavens
are you sure she is for me?

So perfect in every way
from her head down to her toes –
Perfect lips, flawless skin
and a button, for a nose.

The joy throughout the years
the good times and the bad –
Were, the best years of my life
the best I’ve ever had.

By Toni Kane

Original Unique Daughter Poems By Toni Kane

Mother And Daughter Poems

The Reason Why

A Daughter comes into your life
a gift of love and joy –
She’s come to show you reasons
that you didn’t get a boy.

She knew that you needed her
and said, let it be me you send –
See, my Momma needs me on earth
so I can be her friend.

She needs me there for comfort
whilst here my work is done –
She needs me there to teach her
that her life can be fun.

My Momma needs to feel love
so please let me go down there –
So she can dress me pretty and
tie and brush my hair.

So god sent my a baby girl
to love and enjoy –
That’s the reason you were sent
and not a little boy.

Father Daughter Poems

Always Be My Little Girl

You’ll always be my little girl
no matter what path you take –
I often want to help you in
decisions that you make.

Then I think silently to myself
you have to let her grow –
She’s not a little girl no more
and she’s trying to let me know.

So I’ll hold her very gently
so she can’t feel my grip –
But in my heart you’ll always be
just in case you slip.

I will always be here
be, near or far apart –
As a mothers love for her girl
she carries in her heart.

Mother And Daughter Poems

Daughter I Can’t Let Go

I want to protect you
but I want you to fly –
I want to let go
but I want to cry.

I want you to explore
to enjoy your life –
I want you to become
a mother and wife.

But it’s hard for a mom
to let go of this hand –
And let her be free
to explore this land.

I want you to be
all that you can –
I want you to find
the love of a man.

I want to let go
I know that I should –
but I don’t think I can
but I would if I could.

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