Couple Find True Love at No Dive Bar: Valentine’s Day 2022

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Couple Find True Love at No Dive Bar: Valentine’s Day 2022


Then, found some love stories that made us laugh at some of the region’s most popular dive bars.

Bodyguards and waitresses underperforming in ban

Francesca and Michael Urban have found true love after a bad work day.

She works at the Banning restaurant and after a bad turnaround agrees to hang out with waitress friends. They decided to spend the day at an area dive bar.

A “tall and handsome bodyguard” was grooming at the door.

He asked Francesca for some ID, but luckily all she had in her back pocket was her bank card.

Bodyguards refused to enter. Francesca was left at the door while her friends went in for drinks.

Francesca was “angry,” she wrote.

Even though her ID was just a few feet away, she refused to walk through the long, lonely parking lot to get her ID out of her purse.

“Had a rough night at work and (I) wasn’t in the mood for any more ridiculous shenanigans,”
she wrote.

After the waitress and bodyguard exchanged for a moment, the bartender appeared at the door.

He vouched for Francesca, allowing entry.

By then, bodyguard Michael Urban was intrigued by the combative waitress. Just three hours later, Michael and Francesca were already making plans.

The rest is history.

“My husband still laughs at us and loves telling his version of Our Story almost 16 years later.”

We love your love story! Yes, we do want to hear from Michael.

Here are some of our other favorite reader love stories this year.

Short and sweet, love is instant

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