Couple dodge £180 Valentine’s Day bill, let girlfriend pay

Couple dodge bar bill

Couple dodge £180 Valentine’s Day bill, let girlfriend pay


Couple dodge bar bill
What shellfish! (Image: NCJ Media)

A couple who left their £180 dinner bill unpaid on Valentine’s Day have settled down – after their lobster and steak bar called them out on social media.

The owners of The Mill in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, have warned diners – who returned four bottles – that they must pay by 4pm the next day.

They posted on social media: “This lovely couple spent a fortune including filet mignon and lobster, plus lots of bottles of wine*.

“While we’re sure it was an honest mistake that you left without paying, please pay your bill by 4pm today.

“You’re sitting across from the camera and the CCTV couldn’t be clearer.”

The award-winning pub later released an update saying they had contacted the couple and were assured the bill would be settled on Wednesday when the man paid.

On Tuesday, the pub revealed the bill had been paid (Image: NCJ MEDIA)

But on Tuesday night, The Mill posted: “The bill was paid by an anonymous woman believed to be his girlfriend!

“My God, who said romance was dead?”

After the meal details were uploaded online, someone joked: “Four bottles of wine? My 85-year-old dad could have caught them!

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