Confectioners at Duffy’s Fine Chocolates prepare orders ahead of Valentine’s Day in Gloucester, NJ

Confectioners at Duffy's Fine Chocolates prepare orders ahead of Valentine's Day in Gloucester, NJ

Confectioners at Duffy’s Fine Chocolates prepare orders ahead of Valentine’s Day in Gloucester, NJ


Gloucester, NJ (WPVI) – This is a love at Duffy’s Fine Chocolates on North Broadway in Gloucester, NJ.

They’ll eat hundreds of pounds of caramel on big holidays like Valentine’s Day.

“Get the candy off your belt,” explains Dave Burzak, who packs freshly made mints into boxes. “Check the bottoms to make sure they’re airtight—the candies themselves don’t have holes.”

Michelle Sieg, a fifth-generation Duffy, has worked at the store since she was 16.

“I’m dipping strawberry milk chocolate for some of the orders we placed online during Valentine’s Day pre-orders,” she said.

She’s proud of the sweets she makes and proud of the store’s 100-year history.

“Charles and Elizabeth started the business in 1922, and then James and Genauve opened the store in 1950,” Seger said.

They have come a long way from making chocolate in the living room decades ago to selling it on the front porch.

The main focus is always their customers.

Frank Virgilio of Hammonton brought his family for sweet treats and a list on Friday.

Virgilio has been filling the same Valentine’s candy boxes for decades.

“This one here, we’re probably over 25. This one here is about 15, and this is our granddaughter — she’s 13. I think we knew it when she was two,” Virgilio said.

The taste of chocolate is reminiscent of 100 years ago.

In a long-standing small business like Duffy’s, traditions can stretch back decades.

“It’s like we had our backs broken over the weekend,” Seager said.

But she didn’t want to do anything else.

“Oh, I love it. I love it,” Seeger added.

Duffy’s will be open all weekend and on Valentine’s Day on Monday.

They also have a second spot at Haddonfield.

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