Christmas in Scotland – Christmas Day in Scotland, Christmas Celebration in Scotland

Christmas in New Scotland

Christmas in Scotland – Christmas Day in Scotland, Christmas Celebration in Scotland

This festival was not traditionally celebrated in Scotland and its customs were in disfavor as it was banned for 400 years. Now Christmas is celebrated on 25th December in Scotland. Christmas in Scotland is all about exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas tree, and going to church, parties and celebrating birthday of Jesus.

Planning of Christmas celebration starts from making cakes and cookies weeks before the special day. Children celebrate their home and write Christmas list for Santa. Parents clean their home and buy gifts for kids and organize meal for the day.

Christmas Celebrations in Scotland

Home Decoration

Parents and children clean their home and decorate it with tinsel, candles and stars. They decorate Christmas tree with stars and baubles.

Gifts & Santa Claus

Children wait for Santa Claus on Christmas. They hang up their stockings in hope of being filled with gifts. Children keep glass of milk or whisky for Santa and leave out some carrots for reindeer.

Christmas in New Scotland

Church & Carols

People go to Church after opening and exchanging gifts. They sing carols for long time and celebrate birth of Jesus.

Christmas Meal

Parents organize Christmas meal after coming from church. A traditional Christmas meal include Smoked Salmon, Scotch Broth, Roast Turkey, Onion Stuffing, Roast Potatoes, Sausages, Carrots, Christmas Pudding, Sprouts and Brandy custard.

Dancing & Singing

People dance around Christmas tree and sing carols. They play games and enjoy the day with grandpas, grannies, uncles, aunts, cousins’, kids, family and friends. Scottish Christmas is time of get together and hasfun together.

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