Chrissy Teigen bakes John Legend’s 2022 Valentine’s Day card

Chrissy Teigen bakes John Legend's 2022 Valentine's Day card

Chrissy Teigen bakes John Legend’s 2022 Valentine’s Day card


This year, when John Legend sat down to write a Valentine’s Day card for his wife Chrissy Teigen, he probably didn’t expect the card to be broadcast to her 36.9 million followers on Instagram. After all, the singer only typed 34 words in total — “Happy Valentine’s Day, darling!” and signed “Johnny” with a heart emoji on a plain white piece of paper. It’s a far cry from the grand gestures celebrity couples have come to expect at V-Day.But anyway, a deeply entertained and frankly taken aback Teigen shared it, giggling at how her super-romantic husband could produce such a nonsense card.

Teigen in the photo is holding a card and laughing, captioning the photo with a simple message of her own: “Dead,” she wrote. “I guess he left it all to the song.”

Within seconds, the comments section was filled with people eager to join the lovely roast.

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“We thank you for your sacrifices for his music 😂”, one fan said, while another was in existential crisis. They demanded: “If this is what he came up with on Valentine’s Day, what’s the point of marrying John Legend? What’s the point?!”

But the best comment, of course, came from Legend himself, who wrote, “You can at least show beautiful flowers! 😂” defending his bland stationery.

Teigen’s post is especially hilarious, as she and her husband are two of the most overtly romantic celebrities on the internet. Last year’s Valentine’s Day, for example, looked a little different for the couple: Teigen shared a 4-minute tearjerker video detailing their love story from meeting in 2006, getting married in 2013, and now, as they Shared two children and shared life.

While the legendary gift might not be worthy of a Hall of Fame entry, it does hit the mark. I think that’s what they call “minimalist chic”.

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