Chocolate businesses prepare for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate businesses prepare for Valentine's Day

Chocolate businesses prepare for Valentine’s Day


Golconda, IL (KFVS) – A Heartland business is preparing chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day.

The Chocolate Factory in Pope County spreads the love with the variety of Valentine’s Day chocolates they make in store.

We spoke to owner Linda Meherg and manager Angela Bailey and they said business has picked up recently and they are busy with orders and door-to-door service.

“It’s a tradition for a lot of people to come here to buy chocolate and then stop to bring their kids and grandchildren,” Bailey said.

“And we have a lot of tourists passing by. Even now we’re getting some,” Meherg said.

The chocolate factory has been operating for 44 years. Every year Valentine’s Day goes by, Bailey said, where people prepare gifts for their loved ones.

“You can’t go wrong with chocolate,” Bailey said. “A box of assorted chocolates is amazing and perfect. You associate chocolate with Valentine’s Day.”

“There are all kinds of things, so there’s bound to be some that they like. At least most of them should be liked.”

A lot of special items to order this Valentine’s Day are chocolate strawberries.

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