Chinese Zodiac 2021 – The Year Of The Golden Pig

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Chinese Zodiac 2020 - The Year Of The Golden Pig

Chinese Zodiac 2021 – The Year Of The Golden Pig

The Year of the Pig will begin on February 5, 2021 and will last until January 25, 2021. The element of this period will be the Earth, the color is Golden.

The coming year promises to be interesting primarily because it is filled with conflicting trends, and our task is to find a certain balance. The conjunction of Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is active and bold, with Saturn in Capricorn, which is disciplined and conservative. These signs have completely different approaches to business and life, but in 2021 they can work side by side without interfering with each other too much. The year will be on the side of those who are ready to “work hard” with completely different approaches, without focusing on proven methods.

This year will be more open, generous, tolerant and inspiring. It is especially important to practice what the sign of Sagittarius preaches – justice and honesty. Straightforwardness and honesty are a feature of this year, however, it is not always necessary to express everything that is on your mind, you need to show more respect and sensitivity to people around.

We can take a look at our Natal charts, where the Sagittarius sign is located, the most success and improvement awaits us.

Jupiter in the adventurous and virtuous Sagittarius calls us to seek knowledge, understanding and truth. We learn and easily accept other points of view.

We especially value honesty, justice, optimism, enthusiasm, researchers, open-mindedness, loyalty, adventurism and courage.

Fortunately, the parallel passage of Saturn through the Capricorn sign this year will help us moderate our enthusiasm.

Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces enter a period of harmony. Aries, Cancer and Libra may at the beginning feel that something is holding them back and restricts them, but then they can find a balance. Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius do not understand this energy as well as other signs, and should more adapt to the circumstances that life dictates, namely to learn discipline and serious nature.

As mentioned above, if you want to know in which areas you will succeed, look where your Sagittarius sign is located. In addition, in areas where the Taurus sign is located, there is the possibility of shocks, new approaches and thinking, radical changes are possible.

Where the sign of Capricorn is located, more zeal and patience is required and at the end of the year these areas of life will be the most prosperous.

New Year 2021 is a year of creativity, a playful and romantic mood, all these qualities will only expand and grow over the course of the year. This is a powerful time for self-expression, you will want new entertainment and romantic relationships.

Since in the last years of life it was quite serious and had some kind of hard energy, a new cycle can become a breath of fresh air. Our attention is shifted to a pleasant pastime, enjoying life and free expression of ourselves. Romanticism and creative skills begin to expand and grow. You learn to express yourself in a playful and creative way, we are more inclined to take risks and are ready to go on various adventures.

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The focus moves to a pleasant enjoyment of life and a collective expression of self, so this year will be especially successful for people associated with creativity. You learn to express yourself in a playful and creative way, are more likely to take risks.

Potential negatives: Excessive attention to entertainment can be detrimental to other areas of life. It is especially necessary to strike a balance between attention to work, health, routine and love relationships, not to reduce all life to entertainment.

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Chinese Pig Horoscope for 2021

The key word of the year is action. You should not give up and be afraid of breaking something, always keep moving forward, hoping for your competence and ability to make decisions quickly. This year, creative endeavors and collaboration will bring special results.

In time, such qualities as strength, speed, optimism and innovation are evaluated. All of them will help you achieve great results, so you should often resort to them throughout the year. The horoscope recommends focusing only on the most important things, minor problems will be solved by themselves over time.

This is a good time to improve personal relationships and renew broken relationships. The year will be on the side of those who strive for unity, not individuality.

He promises us a lot of good, hugs and handshakes. This year is under the auspices of the Chinese sign – Pig, so you can expect that it will be carefree and pragmatic for many people.

Aggression and cruelty in 2021 will be very limited; the confrontation will be replaced by a desire to understand and compromise. This will be especially felt after Dogs 2021.

The Year of the Pig will be very favorable for the restoration of old ties and the creation of new relationships. Everyone will be able to fix any problems in their personal relationships, since this is the year of forgiveness of old mistakes.

This time is characterized by an increased desire to live, create and simply enjoy life in all its manifestations. Many people will stop thinking about tomorrow and begin to appreciate what they have now. This will not make us much happier, but it will save us from a constantly oppressive feeling and fear that problems can come to us from any direction and at any moment.

Under the influence of the patron saint of the year – Pig, luck will be on our side, no matter how hard we work. Even the most notorious loafers can get significant results with minimal effort.

This year will be characterized by easy achievements. It is considered favorable for the creation of something new. Strive for a new one in your life; it does not matter if it is a family or a new type of activity.

The only difficulties this year may arise in the field of communication and information. Be prepared for unpleasant moments due to the fact that you were misunderstood or someone incorrectly explained. Due to the negative influence of Mercury, the people around you can be too emotional from time to time, so if you have your own business, get ready for nervous clients who themselves do not know what they want.

The Chinese sign Pig is somewhat naive in nature and can easily become a victim of scammers. Therefore, in the new year there is the likelihood of frequent fraud, lies and dishonest methods of achieving the goal.

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This year promises to be very successful for people of creative professions. Many can start to lead some kind of hobby or join a creative group.

During this period, only very lazy people can miss the chance to become better and richer, but even they will receive certain bonuses. Courage and constant advancement will make this year very successful for the financial sector, the main thing is to keep some caution.

We must beware of excessive self-confidence; this can lead to recklessness. In 2021, we strongly identify our opinion, beliefs and perceptions and if the people around me do not agree with this, we can perceive this as a personal insult! From time to time, we may behave somewhat short-sightedly or stubbornly.

The general love horoscope for 2021

In the realm of love, truth, justice, and patience are qualities that become most important to us. This year, lying and deceit will easily destroy any relationship. Joint training, travel and research will, on the contrary, strengthen the union.

We are attracted to spontaneous, courageous, honest, and enthusiastic people, be so and you will be in the spotlight.

With Jupiter in Capricorn, we get the most luck when we organize and lead, behave honestly, ethical and mature in our decisions. We need to be more disciplined, purposeful, use a step-by-step approach to the realization of our goals. Organize, plan and control your personal life and it will be successful.

This year is different in that we want concrete results. For example, have a baby and start a family, get married or find your soul mate. We need to learn how to be more flexible and tolerant of the weaknesses of loved ones.

Health horoscope for 2021

Many planets will confront each other, this may cause some health difficulties. Horoscope does not predict serious problems, but minor injuries and illnesses cannot be ignored. A careless attitude to your health can lead to serious illness. Especially this should be monitored at the beginning and end of the year.

Health problems in 2021 may be more often associated with hips, arthritis, rheumatism, spine, teeth, bones, fever and respiratory problems.

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Retrograde activity in 2021

Mercury Retrograde in 2021

1. Mercury retrograde from March 5 to 28.

2. Mercury retrograde from July 7 to July 31.

3. Mercury retrograde from October 31 to November 20.

Mercury is responsible for our communication and in its retrograde cycle may create some misunderstanding and confusion. It affects how we perceive, interpret and transmit information. Affects such things as communication, negotiation, purchase, sale and documents. During this period, it is best to postpone the signing of important agreements and meetings.

During retrograde Mercury, there is a high probability of delays and misunderstandings. We may be too careless about our money and throw words to the wind. Today we promise one thing, and tomorrow our opinion will be completely reversed. Be prepared for unexpected power outages and malfunctions in the electronics.

Retrograde Saturn from April 29 to September 18, 2021

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During Saturn’s retrograde, our job responsibilities may seem like a heavy load. Work motivation during this period can fall to zero. We can feel how the energy leaves us, and the desire to work and achieve goals goes out every day

During this period, many of us will begin to revise our goals and desires, we will want to simplify everything. On the other hand, we have a chance to correct our mistakes and improve working methods.

At this time, we can often look back and check everything several times for fear of making a mistake. Use this period to return to old plans and projects, they can become very successful. It is best to abandon new major cases. It is time to simplify and remodel what you already have

Retrograde Pluto from April 24 to October 2, 2021

Retrograde Pluto is an annual impact that lasts 5 months. This event is less of a concern than the retrograde of other planets.

With the influence of retrograde Pluto, any changes in life can be made with great fear. Even if circumstances require change, it will be very scary to give up. It may seem to you that if you change something in life, you may end up in poverty, become an outcast, or someone will betray you.

On the other hand, this is a very favorable time to get rid of any kind of addiction. For example, if there is a person in your life who is constantly trying to control, you can get rid of this pressure. You can also easily get rid of addictions and addictions.

Suspicion, secrecy, gambling and alcohol – all this can become a thing of the past, with easier efforts. It will be easiest to get rid of the things that control you, so if there is something like that in your life, this is your chance.

Retrograde Neptune from June 21 to September 27

During the retrograde Neptune, we tend to run away from the real world into our own world of fictional fantasies, where everything is fine and beautiful. Under this influence, we can avoid reality through illusions and self-beliefs.

During this period, many of us can turn to faith and spiritual development. If something worries you, do meditation, pray or turn on your imagination and any fears will pass. Hiding from harsh reality in your fantasies is easy, but over time it will lead to confusion and self-deception.

The influence of Neptune can make people gossipers, schemers and lovers of scandals. There is a possibility of false accusations, mental illness or religious mania. Some may wake up a desire to isolate themselves from society. At this time, some of us may take on the roles of prosecutor and martyr.

On the other hand, during retrograde Neptune creative abilities increase significantly. You can demonstrate great natural talent and creativity, even if you didn’t have it before.

The main thing to understand is that without desire and effort, your potential will never be realized. The most important thing during the retrograde Neptune is to turn their capabilities into success with the help of motivation and hard work.

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