Chicago man charged with Valentine’s Day robbery at T-Mobile store

Chicago man charged with Valentine's Day robbery at T-Mobile store

Chicago man charged with Valentine’s Day robbery at T-Mobile store


chicago – Two Chicago men are facing felony charges for stealing goods from a mobile phone store in the western suburbs of Carol Stream on Valentine’s Day.

Diamant Williams, 24, and Jonathan Bullard, 28, appeared in bond court Thursday in bond court with T-Mobile on February 14 at 724 West Army Trail, according to DuPage County State Attorney Robert Berlin. Store robbery.

Williams, Brad and another person entered the store wearing ski masks around 4 p.m. and approached a male clerk, according to prosecutors.


When the clerk was behind the counter checking the stock, prosecutors said Brad pushed him against the wall and told him to “give me everything.”

Williams and the third suspect then began removing merchandise and money from the register, while Brad took the clerk to another register and ordered him to “open it immediately,” prosecutors said. Brad and the third suspect then took money from the registry.

(LR) Jonathan Bullard, 28, and Diamante Williams, 24. (DuPage County Attorney’s Office)

Brad then dragged the clerk to the back of the store by his sweatshirt and ordered him to open a locked vault, but the clerk was unable to open it, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Brad then punched the clerk in the face and fled the store with Williams and the third suspect.

Williams and Brad were arrested by Chicago police later the same day.

The suspect stole three iPhones, about $250 in cash and the clerk’s car keys, prosecutors said.

“The two men and an accomplice allegedly traveled to DuPage County and violently robbed a business, stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and cash,” Berlin said. “Furthermore, one of the men allegedly punched an innocent man in the face who was trying to live an honest life.”

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Bullard is charged with one count of felony robbery and one count of aggravated battery. His bail was set at $350,000, according to prosecutors. Williams is charged with one count of felony robbery and is set on $300,000 bail.

Brad’s next court date is March 23, and Williams will return to court on March 24.

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