Chester County residents celebrate Valentine’s Day – Daily Local

Chester County residents celebrate Valentine’s Day – Daily Local

Chester County residents celebrate Valentine’s Day – Daily Local


KENNETT SQUARE — After two days of sunshine, Chester County residents were reminded Sunday that winter is here.

With the stillness of dawn and the light filling the air, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally a romantic holiday, Monday is also an opportunity to be kind and remember the value of compassion, and the infinite transformative power of love.

Sandra Morris of East Fallowfield said: “We have been recipients of love and support over the past two challenging years and we are excited to be part of this wonderful community.”

Valentine’s roses on display at Portabellos in Kennett Square. (submitted photo)

She owns Portabellos in Kennett Square with her husband Brett Hulbert, an award-winning chef.

While Portabellos is usually closed on Mondays, the restaurant should open on Mondays for its 11th annual Valentine’s Day special dinner.

The air at Kennett Square at 108 East State Street was also filled with music. Wayne James plays live from 5 p.m. to the end to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“This day isn’t just about love, chocolate and roses – it’s our way of showing love and compassion to our friends, family and neighbors throughout the year,” Morris said on Saturday.

Pennsylvania Rep. Dan Williams, District D-74, Salisbury, praises the power of love today and every day.

“We celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day at home every day,” Williams said.

“The key to this holiday is love: love for family, love for friends, love for community, love for spirit, love for country,” the lawmaker said. “Essentially, I celebrate Valentine’s Day every day.”

District 74 includes the City of Coatsville, Kahn, Downing, East Kahn, East Fallowfield, Modena, Parkersburg, Salisbury, South Coatesville, and Valley.

“Let’s revisit the power of love in all its forms to be kinder to each other. Love your family, love your neighbors, love your community,” Williams said. “As The Beatles reminded us, ‘Love is all you need.'”

Dave Magrogan is the owner of the Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar in Glen Mills, Delaware County, on Route 202 a few miles from Chester County.

This Valentine’s Day, Margo Rogan and his fiancé, Melissa, will take a sunset sail in Key West before enjoying dinner at a waterfront restaurant.

Back in Glen Mills, the Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar will be offering guests a special Valentine’s Day treat.

The past two years have been rough for the restaurant industry, given that in 2020 and early 2021, businesses were forced to close and barred from serving guests in-house.

“For our guests, our staff and our children, Valentine’s Day will be the start of a more positive time for our industry,” said Chester Springs’ Magrogan.

A cardinal prepares to dive to the ground in flight and forage for food as it snowed in the town of New Garden on Sunday. (JEN SAMUEL – Media News Group)

“Hopefully in 2022 there will be more compassion to understand that people have different thoughts, beliefs and ideas,” Magrogan said. “Maybe in 2022, we can move from cancelling people and ideas to understanding that loving our neighbors means they are free to hold opinions that differ from ours.”

AJ McCarthy, principal of the Longwood Fire Company, said he hoped to spend Valentine’s Day with his wife and two children.

The chief said he hoped to go out for a night with his wife next weekend.

As for what the power of love and compassion can teach people as neighbors in 2022, McCarthy said: “Always do the right thing, even if no one is paying attention. We should always help those who need it and do our best to be someone’s solution. One day, we might need the exact same thing.”

“For me, Valentine’s Day will include flowers, chocolates and cards from my husband,” says Landenberg’s Barbara Croyle.

Croyle noted that she always gives her husband a special card on Valentine’s Day.

“People show ‘love’ to each other in many different ways—cooking, shoveling the sidewalk, holding hands,” Croyle said. “It’s important to recognize the essence of these gifts. Compassion, kindness, listening — all of which are part of the all-encompassing concept of love.”

Nina Kelly is Director of Marketing and Communications for the Chester County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“For me, my lover was only a year old,” Kelly said. “I will be with my grandson Carson as my son celebrates with his wife in Chester County.”

“The past two years have given us time to think about what’s important — the health and well-being of our loved ones and our communities,” Thornton’s Kelly said. “It makes us grateful for what we have and we move on this year with hope and resilience.”

Meanwhile, many in the region and across the country may be focused on planning to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, rather than preparing a romantic evening for loved ones on Monday.

Still, snow continues to snow in Chester County this Sunday ahead of Valentine’s Day, and the beautiful scene of birds singing as they forage paints a pure reminder that love is in the air, and where there is life, there is possible.

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