Check out the holiday costs this Valentine’s Day. Are costs rising?

Check out the holiday costs this Valentine's Day. Are costs rising?

Check out the holiday costs this Valentine’s Day. Are costs rising?


Updated 11 Feb 2022 11:01am 22m

Author: News 12 Staff

We’re only a few days away from Valentine’s Day, and this weekend, you might be out shopping for gifts, going to dinner, and planning everything. In this week’s deep dive, News 12 Kristie Reeter breaks down the cost of major holiday items.

in a News 12 In the poll, New Jersey residents were asked: How do you plan to celebrate? Most say they don’t celebrate.

“Well, New Jersey people know that money can’t buy your love, that’s something you have to make at home,” said Investopedia’s Caleb Silver. “But if you’re going out this Valentine’s Day, you’re probably going to spend more Money. National spending is projected to increase to $23.9 billion. That’s up from $21.8 billion last year. About $175 per person. If you go all out, if you are, you’ll pay more. Let’s start with beef prices , if you go out for a steak dinner, we know that beef prices are up over 50% nationally, but if you’re going for a premium filet mignon, it’s up 62.5%, a dozen up 54.3%, diamonds up 14.9%, and a box of chocolates up 9%. How about some wine or champagne? Those are up 2.5%.”

Are there any project costs or any transactions that remain the same?

“Deals are hard to get, but if you buy jewelry, gold and silver prices have fallen a lot, they’re pretty much the same as last year,” Silver said.

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