Celebrate yourself the day after Valentine’s Day

Celebrate yourself the day after Valentine's Day

Celebrate yourself the day after Valentine’s Day


This year, Solotine Day is celebrated on February 15th. Leaving aside the responsibilities and the loved ones around you 24/7, practice some well-deserved and possibly much-needed self-care. The name circulated in bits and pieces on social media. This year, it’s time to officially announce Solotine Day.

“Self-care is about putting yourself first so you can better handle life’s challenges,” says CJ Bathgate, a clinical psychologist at National Jewish Health in Denver who specializes in stress management.

“Prioritizing self-care can be tricky when we’re stressed. Self-care tends to get pushed aside when it looks like there’s a million things to do and not enough time,” she says.

Here’s how to create the mindset and time to properly respect yourself this season of love.

love the man in the mirror

Solotine’s Day is an opportunity to turn inward. It’s about embracing loneliness and being allowed to love yourself. Unlike loneliness, loneliness is improving. According to several studies, including a 2017 study in the Bulletin of Personality and Social Psychology, it can even improve creativity and mental clarity, as well as produce a calming effect. What's on your mind matters.Changing Your Expectations Could Mean More Success, Experts Say

“Think of it like a glass of water,” says Bathgate. “How can you drink if the cup is empty? How can you give water to someone else from the empty cup? In order to drink or provide water, you have to find a way to refill your cup. Likewise, you have to invest in your happiness , is most helpful to yourself and others, especially when you’re busy or stressed,” she said.

For those who are always around – colleagues, spouses, children, pets, friends or others – Solotine’s Day is the perfect time to get away from it. Put down your clothes and dishes, let go of managing other people’s emotions and those mundane day-to-day tasks. Take a break from emphasizing the needs and desires of others and focus on just one person—the one in the mirror.

how to love yourself

Those who are usually alone can use Sorotin as an opportunity to embrace and celebrate who they are, rather than just experiencing movement and routine. Whether living alone is a routine or a distant fantasy, self-love and care should be a thoughtful process, says Dr. .

“Whether the pandemic has brought a lot of alone time into your life, or you have lacked it because of isolation or being locked up with your nuclear family, it’s important not only to have alone time, but to have it that is valuable and meaningful. alone time for the purpose,” she said.

Purposeful alone time can mean many things. It can start by having the essence and spirit of the Sorotin festival.

How to put self-care into practice

There’s nothing wrong with going it alone, as long as guilt, obligation, and self-deprecation are left at the door.

Book a night in a romantic hotel and go alone. Or, when everyone is away, take a mental health day out of work and enjoy a lavish daytime nap, read a novel, get a massage at home, or park it on the couch with a streaming service and a remote for full control.

Remember, being alone leads to better interactions with loved ones when you get back, so being alone or embracing the full spirit of Sorotin is not a selfish act.

9 snuggle-worthy blankets we've actually used (CNN underlined)Nicola Fernandes, a Manhattan-based transformational coach who runs a mentoring program that teaches self-love, suggests that simple behaviors, such as “writing down 10 things you love,” or taking a shower or meditating, can help you “in the Find happiness and fulfillment within so you can connect more with the people in your life.” “Self-care can mean a lot of things, it depends on the individual,” said Bathgate, who relayed that the activity’s Not as important as expected. But if you need any guidance, she recommends choosing activities that improve sleep, diet, exercise and hygiene, and seeking help if needed.

“Self-care isn’t perfect or stress-free,” she says. “It’s about finding a way to refill your glass amidst the chaos and prioritizing yourself so you can be the best version of yourself when you’re stressed and stressed.”

During a year (or two) when stress persists—so do kids, in-laws, spouses, and dogs—taking time out to practice self-care is more than a treat. Solotine’s Day is a gift to someone who never gets it from you The ideal time for a loved one to sprinkle some love. you.

Alison Hope is a writer whose work has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Slate, and elsewhere.

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