Catherine Zeta-Jones prepares for Valentine’s Day in a dark pink dress with sheer lace

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Catherine Zeta-Jones prepares for Valentine's Day in a dark pink dress with sheer lace

Catherine Zeta-Jones prepares for Valentine’s Day in a dark pink dress with sheer lace


February 8, 2022 – 09:11 GMT Gemma Strong Catherine Zeta-Jones shows off the perfect Valentine’s Day look in a retro photo of her in a low-cut pink dress with sheer lace

Need Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration?then look again Catherine Zeta-Jones!

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This week, the mum-of-two shared a throwback photo from before a romantic vacation on Instagram. “Valentine’s Day is a week away,” she wrote.

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“As a reminder, get the perfect gift while you still have time [winking face emoji]. “

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The photo in question was taken at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards. Catherine opted for a low-cut pink floral dress with sheer lace panels and sequins. She draped her dark hair in gorgeous bouncy waves and let her natural beauty shine with just a little makeup.

Katherine shares a throwback photo alongside a Valentine’s Day reminder

Fans are going crazy for the comeback. “My favorite actress!” one told Katherine, the second simply left a string of heart emojis. “I think Mr Douglas has got the perfect gift!” a third said her husband Michael.

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Katherine, 52, and Michael, 77, will no doubt be planning a special Valentine’s Day celebration. The Hollywood stars have been married since November 2000, and last year Katherine shared the secrets behind their long-lasting romance.

Catherine Zeta-Jones-Michael Douglas

Katherine and husband Michael have been married for over 20 years

“First of all, we had a lot of fun together,” she told Wall Street Journal Magazine. “It’s no secret that my husband is 25 years older than me. It’s not normal for any relationship to have its ups and downs.”

“The constant is love and respect. We never lose our sense of humor and we enjoy each other’s company.”

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Catherine Zeta-Jones family

The couple and their two children Dylan and Caris

The Welsh star continued, “My husband and I spend a lot of time together because unlike many couples we never had a nine-to-five job, it was consistent. We were either on or off. I really work 16 hours a day or I don’t. Is he doing the same thing.

β€œSo in our relationship, we have a lot of time just ourselves. We lived on Bermuda for 12 years raising our kids. We respect each other’s space and our humor endures.”

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