Brits’ ‘top five’ date night cooking faux pas revealed ahead of Valentine’s Day – Samsung Newsroom

Brits' 'top five' date night cooking faux pas revealed ahead of Valentine's Day - Samsung Newsroom

Brits’ ‘top five’ date night cooking faux pas revealed ahead of Valentine’s Day – Samsung Newsroom


• messing with time, burning food, and forgetting loved ones are the top causes of allergies to an ingredient
• Filet mignon is the most popular dinner dish on date night
• Leading dating expert Sarah Louise Ryan shares her top tips on how Brits have the ‘perfect’ date night

LONDON, UK – 10 February 2022 – Valentine’s Day is almost here, and new research comes from Samsung Electronics UK Ltd The ‘top 5’ embarrassing and embarrassing kitchen accidents of Brits while cooking a romantic meal for their partner have been revealed.

Overcooked or undercooked food becomes the most common culinary faux pas (20%)followed by messing up the time to cook everything (19%) and burning food (18%). Despite being in a relationship, some Brits surprisingly admit to cooking a dish their partner didn’t like (15%) or forget that their loved ones are allergic to ingredients they used (15%).

The study, carried out by Samsung to support its innovative Dual Cook Flex™ oven, also shows that filet mignon is likely to be on many tables this Valentine’s Day, with one in five Britons (20%) Said it was their favorite dinner date dish.Gen Z disagrees, however, with vegetable curries at the top of the list (13%) for their age group.

The study highlights growing demand for ‘meal-for-two’ style set menus, with nearly one in five (17%) Britons plan to buy one of these parcels to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

Talking about ex-partners tops the list when it comes to date night closures (33%)followed by work chat (33%)poor table manners (32%) and cheesy music (19%).

To help couples this Valentine’s Day, Samsung enlists the help of leading dating experts, Sarah Louise Ryangiving her top tips on how to have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day dinner at home, including how to avoid common mishaps and make sure there’s no kitchen or oven cooking drama.

  1. Dress appropriately – After wearing our favorite jogging pants for a few years, Valentine’s Day is a chance to give us all you need to feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. If you really want to set up a date night scene, dress to impress.
  2. plan food ahead of time – You don’t want to burp at the last minute because you’re missing an ingredient or two, so plan ahead for what you’re both doing and make cooking hassle-free.
  1. you might want to cook a different dish -Why don’t you two make a dish each to mix? So your partner can eat appetizers and dessert while you handle the main course?
  2. Work as a dream team because you’re trying to create a romance – It could be that one of you is a clapping hand in the kitchen and the other has absolutely no idea what to do. Practice a lot of patience with each other to keep the flames out at night, maybe assign a chef and a sous chef if needed.
  1. Keep all work chat off the desktop— So many couples use date night to plan and learn about life management and the seemingly mundane. Challenge yourself and each other, keep the small talk, and talk strictly about all things romantic and about the two of you as a couple.
  1. topic to talk about – Consider planning a vacation, a trip together the next weekend, or a weekly/monthly date night. Think about things you want to do spontaneously or plan ahead.
  2. Keeping date night exciting – Create a date jar and have each of you write down many of the things you want to do on date night on multiple sheets of paper – crumple them up and take them out one at a time alternately each date night.
  3. Serve dessert- When you’re done with your Valentine’s Day dining experience at home, why not rustle three desserts for you?
  4. let the night go on – Consider watching a movie together or playing a game or two for a competitive few. If you’ve always been the dream team in the kitchen, maybe you want to get each other done in a competitive spirit. Or for those who are ready to relax, just relax on the sofa.
  5. Make sure you have fun- Valentine’s date night doesn’t have to be a pressure cooker event. Do it the way you and your partner want, keep it easy, fun, interesting and exciting. You both should let your hair down and laugh, and who better to do that than your significant other?

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