Bringing Back the Old Valentine’s Day – The New Indian Express

Bringing Back the Old Valentine's Day - The New Indian Express

Bringing Back the Old Valentine’s Day – The New Indian Express


Hyderabad: This Monday is Valentine’s Day. I’m not Bejan Daruwalla, but I can confidently assume you’re doing your work most of the time and checking out a fun scroll about Valentine’s Day. Memes, tweets, and stories — consciously, ironically, inheriting the tradition. The city isn’t draped in red, and the plastic cupids aren’t stuck at the entrance to the mall. Honestly, I find it all boring.

India seems to have gotten over the concept of Valentine’s Day. Independence Day and Diwali have become more marketable occasions for brands. But in the past, it was a scam orchestrated by brands and advertising agencies. Fraud was a more socially acceptable phenomenon in those years. The Chief Minister and the Minister of Defence get involved in scams. Newspapers are full of stamp paper scams, stock market scams, and telecommunications scams. But it’s the Valentine’s Day scam that affects young people from middle-class families the most.

Every Valentine’s Day has a routine to practice. About two weeks before this day, brands will expand their advertising budgets. Hoardings, malls and restaurants all dress themselves up in red. From phone networks to super-powerful cement companies, everyone is trying to persuade you to spend time with your loved ones. Chocolate brands assure you that they can feel your lips at your fingertips. Toothpaste brands implore you to approach with confidence.

TV channels show the latest romantic hits. Just as the president addresses the nation on each Republic Day, Shahrukh Khan delivers his Valentine’s Day speech every year while peddling fairness cream, cars or cookies. While capitalism is at work, so are other actors. If the day is observed, religious groups warn of dire consequences.

Since I grew up in a small town, the threat from religious groups is quite real. If you’re unlucky enough to get caught by these groups, they’ll either beat you or force you to marry your partner before putting you in the annual local news shaming process. So the young people in my town have adopted their own strategy. The general consensus is to avoid parks or any place with a heart, as these are prone to vandalism. The girls covered their faces with their chinos, while the boys practiced sprinting.

The Valentine’s Day phenomenon is clearly aimed at young people in post-liberal India. American capitalist thought is attributed to the Roman sage. But since I was the first person on both sides of my family to date, I fell head-first into the scam. The entire store is dedicated to gift giving. You can choose to express it through greeting cards – your deepest emotions are conveyed in the words of an underpaid copywriter. Chocolate is also accepted. For those who love music, maybe a CD featuring a favorite track. Dine in a restaurant, or watch a movie in a dark theater. If you go out with someone, don’t embarrass yourself, avoid being forced into marriage or beaten – that’s a good day.

Today, people talk about Valentine’s Day in a sarcastic, sarcastic way. As a nation, people think we’ve moved beyond the idea of ​​a day dedicated to expressing love. The whole idea seems rather creepy, and it’s a bug in the Age of Wonders. From an economic standpoint, brands have now turned to digital sales on e-commerce sites, and Valentine’s Day’s marketability has taken a hit during the pandemic. But any day brings back the Valentine’s Days of yesteryear. It’s been a while since I fell into a capitalist trap!

(The author’s views are his own)

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