Breakup Day 2022 – Why Couples Often End Relationships Shortly After Valentine’s Day

Breakup Day 2022 - Why Couples Often End Relationships Shortly After Valentine's Day

Breakup Day 2022 – Why Couples Often End Relationships Shortly After Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day was celebrated around the world on February 14, and just a week later the Anti-Valentine’s Day, or Breakup Day, was celebrated, but what’s causing this?

Breakup Day 2022

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Your 2022 love horoscope may not remind you of this, but February 21 marks a day of sadness globally as many couples experience heartache on their breakup day in 2022. While the holiday may not be fully celebrated, many have experienced different couples.

But what’s causing this, and why do so many relationships end by this time in late February? Some experts speak exclusively to women and families and reveal why you might be feeling heartache right now.

Why do people break up on February 21st?

Love and sex experts and By Quanna founders Dr. Dmitry Loktionov and Kate Tikhomirova explain that sometimes Valentine’s Day can drive expectations too high, and many couples are forced to reassess after a disappointing day when they should be celebrating love their relationship.

“Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate our partners, but it also brings high expectations and pressures,” the expert said.

“With the constant comparisons on social media, it’s easy to feel disappointed, leading to arguments and broken relationships. It feels like after New Year’s Eve, the celebration is never going to be as good as you want it to be so forced, you find yourself going to Compare your day with curated content posted by others.”

James Maguire, founder and director of Maguire Family Law, also explained that he has also seen many couples seeking divorce in late February.

“We’re definitely experiencing a surge in enquiries right now,” James said. “Valentine’s Day is often the trigger or ‘the last straw’ in some people’s minds.”

With our social media flooded with marriage proposals and the best romance movies popping up on every channel, it’s hard not to compare your relationship to the situation you’re facing, divorce lawyers advise.

“We are exposed to more images, especially through social media, of extreme or perceived romantic gestures – for example, hotel rooms full of balloons, exotic marriage proposals and huge engagement rings – and it’s hard for the average person to compete. This could be a turning point if there’s already underlying unhappiness or dissatisfaction,” James said.

Should you break up with your partner?

Heidi Hauer, a life coach who specializes in helping women turn heartbreak into happiness, explains what to consider before ending a relationship.

“It’s useful to ask yourself a series of questions that can help you determine how happy and fulfilling your current relationship is,” says Heidi.

“First and foremost, listen to your inner voice. Do you have an intuition about your partner and where your journey is going? Some people just come into our lives for a while for a specific reason. Not every love relationship needs to start with ‘be happy from now on’ Happy’ ending. If you feel like your paths are about to part, don’t consider it a failure. Sometimes success means you say ‘goodbye’ before the relationship goes sour.”

Heidi went on to say that you need to consider whether you are “real you” with your partner, and if not, it could be a bad sign.

“Next, ask yourself if you can be honest with your partner. Can you be the ‘real you’? If not, what do you need to bring more authenticity to your relationship?” Hai Tee said.

“Third, think about whether you feel safe and supported in their environment. Then, understand your partner’s needs and ask yourself what compromises you are willing to accept and make. This way you are not only evaluating the other person, but you Looking for a way to do it halfway.”

Heidi concludes that you need to figure out what you are looking for and whether your current partner fulfills your desires and understand how you express the five love languages.

“Finally, ask yourself what you really need in a relationship, and how much you’ve already got. If you realize you haven’t fully communicated your needs or made an effort to really understand your partner’s needs, see if there’s a fresh start s Choice.”

Heidi added, “If you feel like you’ve come together, take the courage to approach this difficult conversation in a kind, respectful, friendly way.”

Final breakup day can be a good thing. Since Valentine’s Day forces couples to think about their relationship, Breakup Day may help encourage people to think about their personal goals and desires.

So if you’re going through a tough time, maybe you can rest easy because you’re not alone and many people across the globe are going through the exact same thing.

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