Best Quotes By Gautama Buddha

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Best Quotes By Gautama Buddha

Best Quotes By Gautama Buddha

Hello, thank you for being here – we all know buddha Purnima is not so far you can use them as buddha Purnima quotes. In this post of short quotes on .com, you will find the best short quotes by Gautama Buddha. I a very confident that you know Buddha well and somehow he influences you. He also is known as Siddhattha Gotama or Siddhārtha Gautama. He was a prince and he was raised like a prince, Letter he decided to sacrifice everything and spend his life normally. read more about his life here.

Buddha Quotes & Image

buddha quotes for positivity
cool down gautama buddha quotes

Don’t try to cool down the storm cool down yourself, The storm will pass away.

To calm

gautam buddha quotes about life and mind control
gautama buddha quotes about life caption for instagram

If a man can control his mind he can find the way to enlightenment, all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him buddha.

About life

thoughts and quotes by gautama buddha life difficulties

If you can’t do anything about it, then let it go. Don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change.

On Life difficulty

gautama buddha thoughts and quotes about truth

Three things that cannot be hidden for so long:
Sun, Moon & Truth.

About Truth

prove yourself self motivation
self confidence quotes by gautama buddha caption for instagram

Instead of proving others prove yourself, That U’r Better.

For Life Motivation

Never look forward to anyone, the sun also rises alone and shines all over the world.

For Positivity

Don’t make your own perception about anyone, because everyone has their own past.

On Sad Life

Stick with our own thought & believe in it, ignore what others say.

On Sad Life

Karma has no path, It reaches you by your own footsteps.

On Sad Life

Thinking is everything, you will become what you think.

About Thinking

Best life lessons are the mistakes you did in your life.

On Mistake

Real love never happens in between man and women, it happens in between two souls.

On Love

Buddha Purnima Image

12 may 2021 buddha purnima quotes image free download
gautama buddha purnima quotes image 2021
buddha purnima quotes image free download
buddha purnima 2021 images
happy buddha purnima 2021 download free image
happy buddha purnima free status image download

These are Happy Buddha Purnima 2021 images, these images are free to download and you can use them to wish or you can put them on your Whatsapp status as well.

About Buddha Quotes

These thoughts and quotes are quoted by famous personality & a great person by heart – Gautama Buddha. These thoughts and quotes are fits best at the various situation of life because sometime these quotes will motivate you, keep you positive and also help you to keep calm. We all know that Buddha Purnima is not so far, so you can use these quotes to wish as buddha Purnima quotes. we love to hear from you, comment down your thoughts.

What is buddha purnima quotes?

Buddha purnima is the day of celebration in the east asia and buddhism on the auspicious day of price gautama buddha’s. Buddha purnima quotes are just a caption or phrases to wishes each and everyone by his words only.

What is the best quotes by Gautama Buddha?

Buddha was a great personality from history and he gives so many messages to this world but, and out of these 100’s of quotes we have chosen the best and these are the best quotes by buddha.

What is the best way to wish on buddha purnima?

There is lots of way to wish on buddha purnima but we consider buddha quotes itself the best words to use for buddha purnima wishes.

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