Best movie to watch on Valentine’s Day? These actors (and a Muppets) have some ideas.

Best movie to watch on Valentine's Day? These actors (and a Muppets) have some ideas.

Best movie to watch on Valentine’s Day? These actors (and a Muppets) have some ideas.


What’s their favorite heartwarming movie? “Washington Post” asked, it turns out that love is really a beautiful thing.

Ruta Lee (Ruth Jepsen in Seven Brothers and Seven Brides)

Valentine’s Day is very important to me because that day I met my glorious husband, whom I was married to for 46 years until he foolishly left the planet. For our ideal Valentine’s Day, I’d bake a giant baked potato, open it up, fill it with caviar, sour cream, and green onions, then grab a bottle of champagne or vodka to our bedroom, and open “The Way We Were” . It’s as romantic as it can be. That movie reminds us that not everyone is as lucky as we are. We’re really, really lucky. The lovely thing about my husband is that I miss him with a smile.

Miss Piggy (herself in “The Muppet Movie”)

I just love “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – not only because it starred the incomparable Audrey Hepburn and her beautiful little black dress, but any movie with a meal and a jewelry store in the title has to be instantly classic!

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Gina Rodriguez (Annie in “I Want You Back”)

“Monster”; any rom-com J.Lo. ever did.i absolutely love [Jennifer Lopez]. But I chose that one because it includes in-laws, and to me there is nothing more romantic than falling in love with the sacrifices and compromises of those who raised your loved ones. Not to mention I just love the scene where she and Jane Fonda slap each other. [Laughs.] But I love my in-laws; my mother-in-law is probably my favorite person on the planet.

Scott Meslow (author of “Love From Hollywood: The Rise and Fall of the Romantic Comedy (and Rise Again)”)

“Before Sunset” works best with its predecessor “Before Sunrise” (which captures the wild impulses of young love) and its sequel “Before Midnight” (which captures the intricacies of any long-term relationship) — but this middle chapter is the most Romantic. It centers on Jesse and Céline, two ill-fated lovers in their early 30s who are smart enough to realize that they screwed up a once-in-a-lifetime connection nine years ago and hope it’s too soon to recapture it. Night. The joy of “Before Sunset” is watching them hang out together in Paris, having intimate, freewheeling conversations while struggling to expose how much of their defenseless selves.I won’t give any spoilers about how Before Sunset resolves all these tensions, but I dare You don’t pass out at the end.

Michelle Bhutto (Melissa in Marry Me)

My husband’s and I’m probably my favorite romance movie is Die Hard. Anyone can go out and buy a dozen roses, but Bruce Willis is saving lives and showing how much he loves his estranged wife. Is there anything cuter? perhaps. Is Die Hard a Valentine’s Day Movie? I think Die Hard might be the movie you want. I find it very romantic. There is nothing better than a man who comes for you.

Doug Jones (Amphibious in The Shape of Water)

I met my future wife on Valentine’s Day 1981. At our college, Ball State, I watched the production of “Godspell” in the audience. I met her after the show and fell in love at first sight. That’s why my favorite romance movie — and my favorite movie — is Back in Time. It came out in 1980 and I went back to theaters again and again.Christopher Reeve sees a picture of a woman [Jane Seymour] Come from another era and find her way back in time. And the reason he was connected to that photo was because she was looking at him after he traveled through time and space when that photo was taken. I was like, “Oh my God, this is awesome!” It had a rather tragic ending, but the love prevailed. My romantic turn in The Shape of Water showed that love is possible, even with a monster. Love is all around us.

Gina Gershon (Sue in Rifkin’s Festival, Corky in Bound)

Although “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” might not be considered your typical “romance movie”, I do love it. It deals with relationships, breakups and heartache in a very honest way. Romantic love is often not rational. We’ve all experienced relationships that don’t work for whatever reason, and we’ve taken that person out of our lives in a variety of different ways. The film takes extreme measures to expel that person from your mind and memory, but your heart remembers. The frequency of love is not so easy to eliminate. I find the idea romantic, albeit a little disturbing.

George Chakiris (Bernardo in West Side Story)

I tend to watch MGM musicals because they take me back to when I watched them as a kid. I guess it’s not romantic, but in a way, it is. It’s a way of feeling good about life. I’ve watched “Sing in the Rain” more than anything. Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds are simply breathtaking.It brought Cyd Charisse to national attention because [the “Broadway Melody” number,] That extraordinary Broadway rhythm ballet. Jean Hagen is so funny, Donald O’Connor makes me laugh every time on “Make ‘Em Laugh” like I’ve never seen it before. It’s perfect; such a beautiful movie.

Pat Boone (Wayne Fleck in State Fair)

I’m part of the Academy and every year after Christmas my wife Shirley and I go to our hideaway in Hawaii to see a movie that might be nominated for an Oscar. This is how we see “notebooks”. James Garner and Gina Rowlands did a great job. Shirley and I wiped our eyes, and I said, “I hope that when we get to heaven, you and I will be Mr and Mrs Pat Boone, not just two brushing wings every one or two eras The Amorphous Angel.” Inspired by The Notebook, I walked to the pool and wrote a song called “You and Me” half an hour later.When the show ended, I didn’t dare to look back because there would be pictures of Shirley [who died in 2019]if I watch that, I’ll never finish the song:

There has never been a love like ours…

We share a love that time cannot erase

No matter what the future holds, as long as I can see your face…

we’ll see through Together

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