Beijing 2022 – “We must go to KFC for a date” – Valentine’s Day love in the “closed loop” of the Winter Olympics

Beijing 2022 - "We must go to KFC for a date" - Valentine's Day love in the "closed loop" of the Winter Olympics

Beijing 2022 – “We must go to KFC for a date” – Valentine’s Day love in the “closed loop” of the Winter Olympics


What do you mean KFC dating won’t be your go-to for Valentine’s Day? For athletes competing in the Beijing Winter Olympics, there are not many other options.

British speed skaters Elia Smeding and Cornelius Kirsten were among many couples at the Olympics, but the “closed loop” setting meant athletes couldn’t escape the Olympic Village and explore the Chinese capital.

Athletes, journalists and staff have all had to stay in an isolated bubble and not mingle with the public in an attempt to limit the number of Covid cases, which seems to have worked so far.

Beijing 2022

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Smeding and Kersten, also a team away from sports, are co-owners of a coffee business in the Netherlands, but they are so preoccupied with what comes next that Valentine’s Day has washed them away.

“Well, do you have any special plans?” Smeding asked Kersten in an interview with Reuters.

“I don’t think I really realized it. I totally forgot about it until you said it,” Kirsten added.

“We had to go on a KFC date. It was the only thing we could really do in the village — we would have KFC or pizza,” Smeding said.

“Yeah, maybe we’ll go get a romantic haircut together,” Kirsten said.

Engaged figure skaters Madison Hubbell and Adrian Diaz had to compete against each other in ice dancing earlier today, while Tim Colletto, who represented Japan in the same competition with wife Miri Komatsu Said he would commemorate the occasion and bought her some flowers from the Olympic Village flower shop.

But for some couples who compete in different countries, contact is limited – alpine skier Aleksander Aamodt Kilde said at the start of the Olympics that being able to meet his girlfriend Mikaela Shiffrin, but not touch her, was “a tease” “.

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