Bebe Rexha Says “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Swimsuit – Celebwell

Bebe Rexha Says "Happy Valentine's Day" in Swimsuit - Celebwell

Bebe Rexha Says “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Swimsuit – Celebwell


Bebe Rexha Celebrates Love Day in Swimsuit! The singer, who is currently on a tropical vacation, appears to have just emerged from the ocean rocking a floral top. “Happy Valentine’s Day from Hawaii Love you,” she captioned the photo. How the 32-year-old creator better error Singles like “Baby I’m Jealous”, “Sacrifice” and “Destruction” keep yourself healthy? Read on for Bebe Rexha’s 8 top tips for staying in shape and photos that prove they work – to get yourself beach-ready, don’t miss these essential 30 best celebrity swimsuit photos of all time !

Babe has always been open about her struggles with self-love, encouraging fans to embrace their bodies. “I want to show you what I really look like. Yes, I have thighs. Yes, I have” a back. “But this is what I…look like in a swimsuit. This is my body. No filters, okay?” she said in a recent Instagram Story. “It’s really hard because I find it hard to love myself sometimes, like when you see yourself looking ‘bad’ and it’s like, yeah, I have stretch marks. Let me tell you. I have stretch marks .I have cellulite, all more than that.”

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Babe revealed that she has not done any work yet. “I don’t do surgery. I’ve never touched my body. Never done fat[suction], have never done anything of that kind,” she said. “I’m trying to stay healthy and honor what God has given me,” she said in the same video. “And I love to eat, and I take medicine. I’m very Difficult to lose weight. “

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“When I don’t eat well during the week, I feel bad — like I eat a lot of chips or croissants or whatever,” she told PEOPLE. “When I eat healthier, drink more water, and then I even do some exercise or try to live a more active life, I feel better: I feel better, I feel better, and it’s for myself. So I think it’s very important for me to stay active and eat well.”


Babe loves to cook. “I absolutely love hosting dinner parties for my friends,” she told us. “I love to cook Italian food. Penne alla vodka is mine [specialty]! “Her other dish?” I love toasted banana bread. “Just make sure your pasta sauce doesn’t contain added sugar. Because sugar is everywhere—especially foods it doesn’t belong in, like bread, peanut butter, pasta sauce, salad dressing, and oatmeal.


Babe likes to drink some caffeinated drinks. “I drink at least three cups of coffee a day,” she told us. “My favorite drink when I’m out and about is Arnold Palmer.” df44d9eab23ea271ddde7545ae2c09ec

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Babe does a variety of workouts, including boxing. “I love boxing and started training a lot during the pandemic,” she told us.

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“I don’t deprive myself. I just don’t think it’s funny,” Bebe told Health. “I can be clean. When I’m trying to be healthier, no bread; no cheese or dairy, except coffee; no sauce. My ultimate lunch: I want a chicken salad, no croutons, and a Sweet fries. That’s my balance. People say, “It’s not good pizza. “If you have a slice of pizza with a healthy salad, that’s not bad! Or people will tell you, “You can’t eat bananas, grapes or watermelon – too much sugar!” “Stop now. Seriously, stop.

“I work out with my trainer Janet [Jenkins]; we changed it,” Bebe told Health. “One day we’ll do yoga; one day we’ll do Pilates. We can run a day or a case, which is my favorite. When I go to different places, I try to run or go to the gym – or wherever I am, I take a cycling class or a boxing class. I deal with my anxiety by exercising. I can get rid of my aggression or whatever I feel like I just want to get rid of. I also saw my therapist. Talking to someone is very helpful. “

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