Axe and Ale Help Singles Relieve Stress on Valentine’s Day

Axe and Ale Help Singles Relieve Stress on Valentine's Day

Axe and Ale Help Singles Relieve Stress on Valentine’s Day


TOPEKA, KS (WIBW) – Axe and Ale on Sixth Avenue has something for everyone this Valentine’s Day, even singles!

“We’re doing a campaign called ‘Axe the Ex’, it’s the first time we’ve done it, we hope it’s successful, we can do it again next year, this holiday is for couples, we want to make sure we focus on singles, ‘ said general manager Chelsea Houston.

She said no one should be left behind on any holiday—

“It’s one of those holidays that singles feel forgotten about. We just want to make sure they’re still able to celebrate and have fun with a group of friends, or even come here on their own, and that’s really okay.”

What better gift than to take away all the stress on Valentine’s Day.

“The thought of an axe sinking into wood is so refreshing, whether it’s for fun or to relieve some frustration and stress, it does exactly that. We offer 90-minute classes, and those 90 minutes are just for having a good time,” she says.

Instead of flowers and chocolates, Ax and Ale provides customers with lees, popcorn, and bars—

“We hope they come out with some friends and they leave a little less stressed and leave after a good time,”

You can make a reservation here or show up on Valentine’s Day.

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