Atlantic City group prepares Valentine’s Day for the lost – BreakingAC

Atlantic City group prepares Valentine's Day for the lost - BreakingAC

Atlantic City group prepares Valentine’s Day for the lost – BreakingAC


An Atlantic City man’s love for his aunt turned into the lover of two dozen orphaned locals.

Elijah Langford was talking to his mother about Valentine’s Day 2020 plans when his thoughts turned to his aunt.

Retired Atlantic City police officer Raymond Davis passed away unexpectedly in December 2019. Langford wondered, how could he honor his Aunt Yvette?

Then COVID shut everything down and the losses were even bigger.

That’s when Langford decided to head to his team, the Demcats, with plans to pay tribute to those who lost their spouses.

They think the perfect date is February 2, 2022.

So on Tuesday, six men and 18 women dined at Doc’s Oyster House: “My Other Half: A Celebration of Love.”

There, they found others who truly understood the depths of their loss.

“Besides my immediate family, this has been the greatest comfort and support I have received since Ray’s passing,” said Yvette Lee-Davies.

Sitting at a table with the other women, she recalled their husbands with an unspoken understanding of each other’s grief.

“Most people don’t understand,” Lea-Davis said of losing a spouse.

“They mean it well,” she said. “But unless they’ve experienced it, they don’t know. It’s nice to sit down with other people who can identify.”

This is also the return of Lea-Davis.

She and her husband moved to South Carolina a few years before his death. The festivities took her back to her hometown, where she spent her career working on the city courthouse.

The timing was just right, as she had an unusually warm day in town.

“I sit on the boardwalk all day,” she said. “I saw old schoolmates riding bikes. I got to meet a lot of people. It used to be beautiful.”

As for dinner, she’s glad to see her loss inspired.

“It’s great to see that my family cares not only about me, but so many people,” she said.

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