Asda’s £1 engagement ring for Valentine’s Day has ‘wondered’ shoppers

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Asda's £1 Engagement Ring

Asda’s £1 engagement ring for Valentine’s Day has ‘wondered’ shoppers


Inspired by Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s recent engagement, but didn’t make the big bucks to compete with the engagement ring he made? Asda has the answer.

The supermarket sells engagement rings for £1.

It even has a heart-shaped box in case you want to propose on Valentine’s Day.

Well, it’s not emeralds and diamonds, but it’s ideal if you’re on a heavy budget.

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Additionally, the plastic sparkler features a silver band and imitation diamond jewelry.

This George Home Valentine’s Day Engagement Ring is available at Notts stores and Asda stores nationwide and online.

The product description reads: “Share some love with this ring.

“There is a matching heart box.”

Asda's £1 Engagement Ring

Asda’s £1 engagement ring (Image: ASDA)

It coincides with the most romantic day of the year – Monday, February 14th.

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A shopper has spotted the ring in her local store, with the Mirror reporting she was “stunned by the cheapness”.

The shopper joked: “For anyone thinking of proposing this Valentine’s Day.

“They made a really lovely £1 ring at Asda.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect anything in the box.

“Thought it was just a ring box.”

Amy Smith, another customer, added: “It’s crazy.

“Want to know what it’s made of.”

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Catherine Fryer, Event Buyer at Asda, said: “As the saying goes, it’s impossible to put a price on love, but with the average engagement ring costing thousands, we hope to offer customers a more affordable version in 2022.”

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