Arrogant Albert, a frowning Utah cat, will make a mean Valentine’s Day card for you

Arrogant Albert, a frowning Utah cat, will make a mean Valentine's Day card for you

Arrogant Albert, a frowning Utah cat, will make a mean Valentine’s Day card for you


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the arrogant Albert doesn’t look happy. Of course, the arrogant Albert doesn’t seem happy with anything.

The cat has a sizable social media following, with off-white fur, yellow eyes surrounded by black, and a distinctive frown on his face. “The reason it all started was just his perpetually cranky face,” said Sage Singleton, the daughter of Albert’s boss.

She and her father, Mike Singleton, are willing to share the quirky face with anyone with a lover’s message to send. In real life, Pompous Albert is Murray’s office cat at Sagebrush Fine Art & Licensing.

Arrogant Albert, about 14, was a “rejected show cat,” Mike Singleton said, “because his head was so small. We kind of used it as our schtick –” the rejection show cat , but I’ll show them. “

The sister of one of his employees has the Selkirk Rex, “a rare breed.” Albert was born the way he was, and he wasn’t going to win any Best in Show awards.

β€œA lady sent him to us. He’s been the cat in our office ever since,” Mike Singleton said. “He’s just amazing.”

There are many people on social media who agree. Pompous Albert has over 300,000 followers on Instagram and over 700,000 on TikTok. People who walk into the office “always look at him and say, ‘What’s that?'” Mike Singleton said. “So one day, someone posted about him, and Reddit picked it up. It went viral on social media.”

(Mike and Sage Singleton) This is a Valentine’s Day card featuring the brash Albert.

There are a lot of mean-looking cats on the internet, but Arrogant Albert’s look is…well…different.

“I mean, his face says it all,” Sage Singleton said. “He’s really cute, but he definitely has a somewhat scary face.”

She and her dad decided that the flamboyant Albert face could bring Valentine’s Day joy to his fans – whether “they love it or hate it”. Sage Singleton said they were offering free online cards featuring the cat’s unique face, “a snarky remark to an ex or an outcast, or possibly a more sarcastic couple”.

All you have to do is follow Pompous Albert on Instagram or TikTok and fill out a short form by February 10th. Cards that can be shared online or printed will be sent out on February 14.

“His online persona became mean and a little arrogant, so we wanted to play this with an anti-Valentine’s Day guy,” Sage Singleton said. “We felt that if he had a voice, that’s how he would say hello to anyone this coming holiday.”

It’s all fun. “We’re not really trying to make a statement about Valentine’s Day, but the holidays are coming up and we love interacting with our audience,” she said. “Pun, he’s our pet project. … We play with him and elevate him. At the end of the day, we just want to make people smile when times are tough.”

Mike Singleton was quick to say: “Albert got me through this whole [COVID-19] crisis. “His employees were sent home to work remotely, with only Mike and Sage continuing to work from the office.

In real life, the flamboyant Albert is a friendly guy, albeit a little arrogant and harsh. like many other cats. One of his most popular posts is of Albert looking cocky and saying, “You’re breathing my air.”

“Albert probably spends at least four hours a day at my desk,” Mike Singleton said. “I have a little rug he sits on. When he wants a snack, he grabs me.”

“He’s definitely going to host the show,” Sage Singleton said. “He likes to be the center of attention. …Everything you see on our social sites is very much in line with the cat’s personality.”

Albert is also strong. Last year, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

“We decided to have surgery and he was a survivor,” Mike Singleton said. “He came through and came back. All his hair came back. So, yeah, he’s a tough cat.”

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