All Birmingham City fans share the same New Year’s wish for 2022

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All Birmingham City fans share the same New Year's wish for 2022

All Birmingham City fans share the same New Year’s wish for 2022

Birmingham City fans have taken to social media to share their New Year’s wishes for the club.

Lee Bowyer’s men are currently 18th in the tournament and haven’t won their last four matches.

It’s fair to say that Blues followers are not particularly happy with the current ownership of their club.

The club was bought by Chinese businessman Paul Suen Chu Hong in 2016, and he is one of the men behind Trillion Trophy Asia.

The businessman is believed to have a net worth of around £440 million and has been named one of the 20 richest people in the West Midlands.

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Many fans would like to see the club under new ownership. This was a frequent answer when we asked fans what their wishes for 2022 are.

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“New owners,” said one Blues fan on Facebook.

Another said, “I’m not going down.”

Here are the rest of the reactions on social media…

Anthony Fortnam: “So positive results are good and hopefully the new owners.”

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David Carey: “One wish, new owners love the club.”

James Hughes: Better ground.

Bernard Gunner Draisy: “A new owner who has the same passion and desire as our backers.”

Dean of Jebelin: “New owners. No other important answer.”

Anthony Brown: “Be nice if we can start taking our chances. Also the new owners.”

Luke Spooner: New owners who don’t mind spending money.

John Birch: “Finish the top six.”

Jim Boone: “Hot water in the master suite, new men and owners, with a series of five-year plans for stable growth.”

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Wendy Haycock: “To have a team that plays with passion, and the new owners obviously understand the game.”

Paul White: “For the new owners to enter and sail this sunken ship again.”

St. Hayes: “Some goals and some victories would be good.”

Mark and Moyle: “Stay out of the bottom 3.”

Jeff Lapthorne: Win some games.

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