A Timeless Classic for Valentine’s Day – The New Indian Express

A Timeless Classic for Valentine's Day - The New Indian Express

A Timeless Classic for Valentine’s Day – The New Indian Express


By Express News Service

Hyderabad: If music is the food of love, keep playing. “So we grew up watching Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise and Shah Rukh Khan movies, reading the charming poetry of Emily Dickinson or the idyllic Shakespeare, reading the amorous Mill I was reminiscing about my school days the other day and wished we hadn’t seen those cryptic movies in the late ’90s and early
Y2K, we may not be as obsessed and obsessed with love as Orsino.

Now, since I’m out of the infatuation or love phase, Valentine’s Day really represents more than just celebrating life partners. The other day, I happened to watch the movie “Mohabbatein” again. I realize how my perception and focus change with age and time (I must add healthy development). This time it wasn’t just those young love-obsessed couples.

When I made sure my kids also watched what I grew up watching, they just kept laughing and couldn’t understand what was going on. The idea is not just to pass something tangible to the next generation, but to pass this thought process, ideas, not ideologies, to the definition and understanding of the ubiquitous concept of love, including mutual respect, inclusion, and tolerance.

So I decided to give them something that symbolized and recognized the value of discipline and the importance of legacy old and new. The way one generation passes its values ​​to the next, the same philosophy echoed in the heritage of heirlooms and watches, does make for wonderful heirlooms.

For generations, jewelry, watches are iconic and stand any test. My dad gave them his and my mom’s watches from the 90’s. Heirloom gifts make great Valentine’s Day gifts. It’s a beautiful idea to give your daughter or son a watch that the previous generation gave you because it’s so simple. It’s a timeless gift with a practical design that appeals everywhere – cherish the past and live in the present.

Out of love for the old and the classic, Timex presents a new collection that is an ode to timelessness and tradition, combining a range of style with maximum practicality. Sharmila Sahai, Managing Director, Timex Group India, said: β€œWe believe that every watch has a soul, and when you pass your watch on to the next generation, so does your soul. Through this, we have been able to pass on our very popular The welcome re-release brings the iconic retro theme and retro style back to life.

For example, Q Timex Reissue, Marlin, etc. Our ‘Given For Generations’ campaign celebrates 167 years of passionate timekeeping heritage. “

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