A new Camilla Belle rom-com leads Tubi’s Valentine’s Day

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A new Camilla Belle rom-com leads Tubi’s Valentine’s Day


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Camilla Bell in “10 Truths About Love” (Photo: Tubi)

chicago – This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single or a couple, Tubi has something to warm your heart.

The free streaming platform owned by FOX kicks off Valentine’s Day with “10 Truths About Love,” a new original rom-com starring Camilla Bell. Bubble Romance, which premiered on February 11, is just one of Valentine’s Day favorites that will also be available on the platform throughout the month, including “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” “He’s Just Not That Like You,” “Summer’s 500” Days, “A Walk to Remember,” “William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet,” and more.

Written by often romantic author Shannon Latimer (“Whirlwind Wedding,” “Ghost of Christmas Past”), “10 Truths About Love” stars Belle as Karina Franklin, a thriving romance columnist , her own love life was completely figured out – at least until her longtime boyfriend dumped her. To make matters worse, her editor insisted on giving her column a “male perspective” and hired a writer named Liam (David Lafontaine, “Molly’s Game”, “The Road Ahead” ) to balance her. When two new colleagues clash, Liam sets out to prove his strategy works by helping Karina win her ex back. Of course, in order to prove each other wrong, Liam and Karina may realize how right they are about each other.


Camilla Bell and David Lafontaine in “Ten Truths About Love”

“The film has all the ingredients of a timeless romantic comedy,” explained Tubi’s chief content office Adam Levinson. “The budding romance of heroine Camilla Bell is not just a little mystery, but a captivating breakthrough performance.”

While Tubi has previously produced original films for Halloween and Christmas, “10 Truths About Love” is the first Tubi original Valentine’s Day romantic comedy. It debuted on the platform alongside Tubi’s other big February premiere, “Howard High School,” a dynamic teen dance movie with a “bring it on” and “step up” style.

Tubi offers over 3,000 romance movies that everyone can watch for free. To help you get started, we’ve put together a handy viewing guide below:

For classic Rom-Com fans: “He just doesn’t like you that much”, “It’s always going to give you something”, “Have to love the dog”, “Just a friend”, “Love doesn’t cost money”, “Family stone”, “Can’t buy my love”, ” “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist,” “Music and Lyrics,” “Play to Keep,” “The Sweetest Thing,” “Perfect Match,” “John Tucker Must Die,” “Two Nightstands,” “Little Italy,” “Crazy, stupid, love. “

For period movie lovers: “Sense and Sensibility”, “Young Victoria”, “Winter’s Tale”, “Why Fools Fall in Love”, “Remains of the Day”, “Carol”, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, “Singing Street”

For tear-jerking romance: “A Walk to Remember”, “William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet”, “My Girl”, “City of Angels”, “Choice”

For unique cinematic sounds: “500 Days of Summer”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Safety Without Guarantee”

For the poignant drama: Before Sunrise, Sliding Doors, Poetic Justice, Garden State, Once, Before We Go, Last Chance Harvey

For the outside comedy: ‘Only Lovers Live’, ‘I Love You Philip Morris’

For Old Hollywood fans: “The Graduate”, “Apartment”, “Charade”, “Paris Blues”

More Romance Streaming on Tubi (Free!)

sing street (2016): John Carney (the force behind the fantastic romance “Once”) delivers another gem of musical theatre in this 2016 coming-of-age story with a fantastic cast and an unforgettable soundtrack — especially “like” You drive it the same way you “steal it,” which is what you call the immortal pop. Rated PG-13. 106 minutes. content: John Carney. feature: Ferdia Walsh-Pirro, Lucy Boynton, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Jack Reynolds.

family stone (2005): What happens when a stern Manhattan executive meets her boyfriend’s bohemian family? Of course fireworks. And a lot of comedy. Over the past 16 years, the “Family Stone” has grown into a modern Christmas classic — and for good reason. The film understands that going through tough times only helps you appreciate the good times more. Rated PG-13. 103 minutes. content: Thomas Bezuza. feature: Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dermot Mulroney, Claire Danes, Luke Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Craig T. Nelson, Elizabeth Reese.

Romeo and Juliet (2013): Filmed live on Broadway in 2013, the production stars Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad, the ill-fated lovers of the same name. While the production uses Shakespeare’s original, its modern costumes and stage presence (Romeo came in on a motorcycle!) help make it more accessible to romance lovers everywhere. Rated TV-PG. 135 minutes. content: Don Roy King. feature: Orlando Bloom, Condola Rashad, Donte Bonner.

Paris Blues (1961): Sidney Poitier and Paul Newman play two expat musicians who make a living in the City of Lights, but when they meet two American women (Diahan Carroll and Joanne Wood) who are vacationing in Paris Ward), they considered dropping it all. TV-PG. 98 minutes. content: Martin Ritter. feature: Sidney Poitier, Paul Newman, Diahan Carroll, Joanne Woodward, louis armstrong.

About Tubi: Tubi features over 35,000 movies and TV series from over 250 content partners, including every major studio, plus the largest free live local and national news channel. The platform provides entertainment, news and sports fans with an easy way to discover new content that is completely free.

Tubi works on Android and iOS mobile devices, Amazon Echo Show, Google Nest Hub Max, Comcast Xfinity X1, Cox Contour, and OTT devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Vizio TVs, Sony TVs, Samsung TVs, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast , Android TV, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and soon on Hisense TVs worldwide. Consumers can also watch Tubi content on the http://www.tubi.tv/ website.

Both Tubi and the station are owned by FOX.

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