A cozy and warm Valentine’s Day

A cozy and warm Valentine's Day

A cozy and warm Valentine’s Day


WICHITA, Kansas (KWCH) — We have a warm and sunny Valentine’s Day forecast with temperatures approaching 60 degrees this afternoon. Despite the warmer weather tomorrow, today looks to be the best day of the week.

Temperatures will rise tomorrow with strong southerly winds, with some parts of southwest Kansas expected to enter the mid-70s and Wichita into the mid-to-mid 60s. Wind gusts on Tuesday were the first sign of an early change in forecasts.

We’ll be down about 10 degrees by Wednesday, with showers starting in the afternoon and evening. Rain will quickly turn to snow overnight, with snow likely in central and eastern Kansas on Thursday. The trajectory and timing of this system remain uncertain, with the highest uncertainty for snowfall in western Kansas.

Wichita Area Forecast

Valentine’s Day: The sun is shining and it’s much warmer. Wind: N/E 10-15. Height: 60.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Wind: E/SE 5-15. Low: 34.

Tomorrow: cloudy; windy. Wind: S 25-35; Gust. Height: 68.

Wednesday: Low: 46. Height: 58. Cloudy; mixed with rain and snow overnight.windy

Thursday: Low: 22. Height: 35. Snow in the morning, then partly cloudy and windy.

Friday: Low: 18. Height: 50. Most of the time it is sunny.

Saturday: Low: 24. Height: 56. clear.

Sun: Low: 32. Height: 62. Sunny to mostly sunny and windy.

Monday: Low: 37. High: 63. Partly cloudy and breezy.

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