A Booster Club idea to pump up team spirit

high school sports team spirit

A Booster Club idea to pump up team spirit

Use this fun idea to pump team spirit

This is a great Booster Club idea to help pump up team spirit.
Team building on a high school sports team or within a club or
organization sometimes falls solely to the coach or coordinator. Over
the years, I have found that parents or booster club groups can add to the team building process through FUN! Fun for both the kids and the parents.

high school sports team spirit

My funniest team Booster Club idea: Ring and Run the team..
fondly renamed by my daughter’s field hockey team as “DING,DONG, DITCH”.
In the week before the County Finals, we wanted to get them psyched up.
It was close to Halloween and my imagination went wild. I found
adorable wooden pumpkins at the local Michael’s craft store. I bought
them, called some of the booster clubs Moms and we sprung into action.
We personalized the pumpkins with a slogan “Carve Up Westwood”,
our county opponent. Then off we went in the car to each girl’s house.
We hung the pumpkin on their door, rang the bell and took off, our get
away driver ready at the curb! The girls were calling, IM’ing and
texting all night .. Who Is It?? 
This idea would work as a school locker decoration if home visits are too far!

high school booster club idea

Based on the success, the crazy moms continued their nightly haunts for
the rest of the week. It had to be one of the funniest and most
memorable weeks for us and the girls just loved it. Some left theirs on
their doors, others brought them into school to decorate their lockers.
This small gesture generated more enthusiasm and spirit for under $30
than anything we could have possibly bought them all. Take a look at some of our other “ring and run” goodies!

high school field hockey pump up idea high school sports team spirit booster

We added lots of bubble gum to the cup and added the CHEW UP tag! We found stuffed chicks in the Target dollar bin and popped them in these little pots for our CHICKS WITH STICKS!

team pump up spirit idea

For Halloween week games of course we played on the season with Ghosts and a black cat theme too.. we made these pump up door decorations alerting that week’s opponent to the fact that our team has no “Scaredy Cats” and encouraging the girls to score some Ghouls!

fun team spirit boosters

The possibilities for slogans are limited only by your imagination! Check out the craft stores and see what you find. Wooden airplanes
that encourage them to “Fly By” their opponent. Monkey socks with “We
don’t monkey around”.  Add a water bottle encouraging the team to “Make a Splash” against that week’s competitor. This funny idea may have been the best Booster
club ideas and team building experience ever.  Take a look at more creative ideas for team spirit signs.. remember you can adapt these slogans to any sport!  They are not limited to only high school field hockey.

So get busy with this fun and funny Team pump up idea. It will
help with team building.. spread the spirit, generate enthusiasm and
have some fun. No kids at home BUT I still work with our HS field hockey
team training them annually on all these crazy projects! I have become
the perennial Team Mother!

As an added idea.. My sister did this for her 8 year old’s soccer team. It was a HUGE hit…’Ring and Run” works for all age groups.. Who would have figured??

team spirit idea

Check out this booster club idea.. adorn the fans with pins.. a FUN FUNdraising idea too!

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